Top 15 Ways to Stand Out in Your Airbnb Listing

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A wonderful method to earn additional money is to become an Airbnb host. You may start to produce a consistent flow of rental money if you treat your guests properly and provide them a wonderful experience.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

But in order to be successful, you’ll need to somehow differentiate your short-term rental (STR) ad. On the Airbnb website, there may be a lot of competition from other hosts, so guests may have a difficult time selecting your listing.

Utilise industry data, such as statistics from Airbnb, to propel your company forward. You can make sure that your property stays in high demand and realise the full potential of your business by utilising occupancy statistics and benchmarking your performance against competitors in the market.

We’ll go through the top techniques in this post for making your listing stand out from the crowd, which will help you get more bookings and attract more clients. Let’s get started!

Photos: To offer potential guests a clear impression of your place, blend broad and detailed images.

Title, details, and features: Highlight the distinctive features of your area and make adjustments based on visitor comments and inspiration.

Pricing strategy: Examine the prices of comparable properties in your neighbourhood and use our Smart Pricing tool.

Calendar and reservation options: You have control over the procedures and deadlines for booking your listing.

Here are several suggestions to raise your score, from enabling Instant Book to obtaining favourable reviews.

The reservation process: Quickly reply to visitors’ inquiries and accept as many booking requests as you can.

Setting up your payout method will enable automatic payment.

1. Spend money on quality pictures

The images are the most crucial component of every Airbnb listing. Why? since the majority of consumers buy visually.

Potential buyers are inspired by images, which encourages them to make a purchase when they otherwise may not have. Photos for listings on Airbnb are no different.

In order to ensure that yours stand out, have them taken by a professional photographer. Although there will be some initial costs, they will be well spent.

A skilled professional photographer will be able to take eye-catching pictures of your short-term rental. A professional may assist you in making a list of the finest angles and photos to make your rental appear fantastic if you don’t already have any ideas on how to achieve this.

Just be careful to tidy up the location and remove any clutter before the shot. You should have a pristine Airbnb. It will be appropriately staged if it is properly equipped and designed as it should be.

The property’s layout and prominent features, such as the kitchen, bathroom(s), bed(s), and parking space(s), should be depicted in the listing images. You are demonstrating the experience of staying there to future visitors.

Don’t forget to include images of any other features your home could have, such a pool, a sizable backyard, or an entertainment area.

2. Compose a thorough listing description

Your home should seem appealing in your listing description, but not better than it is. If not, visitors can be dissatisfied when they learn it’s not what they anticipated, which might result in refunds and unfavourable visitor evaluations that make it difficult for you to draw in future reservations.

Create an appropriate listing description first, then. To increase the appeal of your house, you may instead highlight some of its outstanding qualities.

For instance, you may highlight the special features of your home, such as the sizable kitchen island or the outside hot tub. You could also wish to add neighbouring landmarks like playgrounds, swimming pools, and supermarkets. What distinguishes and distinguishes the place?

Last but not least, if at all feasible, make sure you don’t leave any sections of the listing description unfilled.

3. Consistently update your listing

You might occasionally update your Airbnb to include a new feature, amend your guest policy, or make any other essential adjustments. It’s crucial to update your Airbnb listing as quickly as possible if something occurs.

An out-of-date listing may, at best, undersell your home; at worst, it may constitute deceptive advertising. So be sure that any changes are reflected in your listing. You don’t want to surprise or disappoint your visitors.

4. Establish an excellent Airbnb host profile.

You have the opportunity to make a positive first impression with your Airbnb host profile. If at all, your visitors will read your profile before ever seeing you in person.

Therefore, be sure to use a professional profile photo and to create a detailed bio for the “about section.” You could discuss your interests and the reasons you choose to work as a host. Be as genuine and personal as possible.

In addition, do everything you can to authenticate your identity on the Airbnb platform so that the identity verification check mark appears on your profile. This fosters confidence in you as a genuine host.

5. Quickly reply to messages

According to their response time and rate of response, Airbnb rates hosts. This keeps track of how frequently you react to user messages and how quickly you acknowledge them.

For two reasons, you want to maintain these ratings as high as possible. One, if you receive high marks for response time and rate, people are more likely to get in touch with you and make a reservation. Second, achieving high ratings may enable you to become a “Superhost” and raise the visibility of your listing in Airbnb’s search results.

You may employ a property manager to manage messages to your Airbnb profile if you don’t want to be bothered with it all the time. But if you want your listing to seem desirable, you must somehow keep up with them.

In other words, strive to delight guests from the minute they get in touch with you.

6. Establish fair pricing.

Although you may establish your own nightly fees on Airbnb, you’ll want to make sure they’re reasonable. Users will pass over your listing if it is pricey.

Examining similar Airbnb listings in your area to see what they are charging is a simple approach to set rates that are competitive. then choose a comparable rate.

However, you might want to start with lesser charges if you’re a new host or your listing is fresh. In this manner, you may generate more attention.

After receiving some great feedback and having hosted a few visitors, you may gradually increase the price to represent the property’s true worth. This is what is referred to as penetration pricing in marketing.

7. Enhance Your Airbnb Listing

Make sure to take excellent images and create a captivating, precise description to make your Airbnb listing stand out. Engage a copywriter and photographer with experience. Do not try to squeeze pennies here. To develop expert copy, hire a copywriter for Airbnb listings. (You may locate one by conducting a Google search for “vacation rental copywriter” or by visiting websites like Fiverr or Upwork.)

It takes a unique kind of talent to write Airbnb descriptions, therefore you should employ a specialist. Create a compelling picture in the minds of potential visitors since first impressions matter a lot. Emphasise the qualities or setting that make your rental special. Keep in mind that the quality of your Airbnb descriptions might be the difference between success and failure. You need your home to stand out in the potential guest’s search results among a sea of competing listings.

Particularly, providing distinctive facilities makes Airbnb rentals stand out. You may offer breakfast supplies or chairs and towels for the beach, for instance. Even something as straightforward as providing free parking might be a huge issue in some places. Make visitors believe they have nowhere else to go, not even a nearby motel.

If you have several Airbnb homes, a strong host profile will help you convert more potential guests into paying customers. If a visitor feels at ease with you, she is more likely to stay at your facility.

8. Offer outstanding customer service.

Great customer service is the best method for vacation rental owners to distinguish their Airbnb property. You may guarantee that your visitors have a wonderful time by doing the following actions:

Quickly respond to inquiries

Quick responses to questions will convey to your visitors that you are eager to host them. Respond promptly to visitors if you want them to come. Hire a property manager if you are unable to continuously check your communications and answer to each one within a few hours at most.

Go the Extra Mile.

Go above and above to make your visitors’ stay even more delightful if you really want to make them feel special. This can involve giving them a tour of the city or simply leaving a basket of munchies in their room. 

Introduce them to some regional specialties if you are unable to accompany them on a tour personally. It may make a big difference to leave local beer or coffee from a neighbourhood coffee shop, or even simply a local reference to the neighbourhood. In contrast to other hosts who might skimp, you go above and above. 

9. Keep your vacation home in good condition.

To stand out from the competition, keep your vacation rental in good condition. Cleaning is the life or death of a vacation rental. A neat and organised house will leave a good first impression and increase the likelihood of a favourable review. 

Avoid making your Airbnb stand out for being unclean!

10. Set a Reasonable Price for Your Rental

It’s crucial to strike a balance when setting your Airbnb’s price. If you charge too much, customers could choose to go somewhere else, while charging too little could prevent you from earning as much money as you could.

Doing your homework will help you choose the appropriate rental rate. Look at nearby houses that are comparable to yours and compare prices. Additionally, keep a watch on the market to ensure that your price is in accordance with the latest developments. For special occasions, your pricing may also need to change.

It takes time and work to price your rental correctly, but it is worthwhile to earn as much money as you can. You can ensure that your Airbnb listing stands out from the competition and that visitors think they are getting a good bargain by completing your homework and keeping up with recent market trends.

11. Become familiar with Local Laws Regarding Airbnb Rentals

It’s crucial for hosts to be aware of the local regulations that apply when renting out a home via Airbnb. There could be certain rules that need to be followed in order to rent out a house, depending on the locality. 

It is vital for hosts to understand what is expected of them because breaking these rules might result in legal consequences. Define your surroundings, then. There is no justification because local guides on this subject are frequently posted online by cities. Don’t allow your listing to land you in legal problems!

12. Take care of any potential issues.

Issues might range from visitors smoking within the home to their leaving the area in disarray. It’s crucial for hosts to have a strategy in place for how they will handle situations of this nature when they occur.

The ideal Airbnb host takes care of issues that come up during a guest’s stay as soon as they do. This may entail getting in touch with the visitor directly, having a phone conversation with them, or, if required, actually meeting with them. Always be kind and professional, and make an effort to find a solution as soon as you can.

Keep a record of any such earlier instances as well. You may better position yourself for potential problems in the future in this way. Hosts may read about and gain knowledge from other people’s experiences by using internet resources like the community forums for Airbnb.

Airbnb hosts may make sure they are ready to handle any issues that may emerge by paying attention to these suggestions. They can keep their customers satisfied and make sure that their business is functioning well by being proactive and acting quickly.

13. Practise the fundamentals of the vacation rental industry.

It’s crucial to distinguish your rental from the competition. A few crucial foundational skills to always practise are listed below:

Make your room feel comfortable.

Make your listing feel cosy and welcoming because your visitors will be there for a while. Include some individualised touches such as pictures, plants, and ornamental elements. A satisfying visitor experience is crucial and will distinguish your Airbnb.

Clarify the expectations.

Be clear with your visitors about what they may anticipate from their stay. Check-in and check-out timings, noise levels, and availability of amenities like Wi-Fi and cable TV are all part of this. You’ll run into a lot of issues if your vacation rental ad is not truthful.

Provide a Special Experience.

Consider what distinguishes your Airbnb listing from all the others. Whatever makes your rental home unique—whether it’s the Airbnb location, the facilities, or something else—be sure to emphasise it.

14. Ensure that your Airbnb accommodation is comfortable.

Make sure your home is cosy for your guests when you rent it out on Airbnb. Their happiness and propensity to submit positive reviews as a result can help your listing stand out from the crowd

Put stylish and cosy furnishings and décor in your rental. Consider the furniture your visitors will require, such as chairs, a desk, a dresser, a coffee table, and a bed, for the duration of their stay. Check to see that nothing is stained or torn, and that everything is in good shape.

Put your unique touch on the space. Including flowers or real plants may make a big difference. There are several things you might do to differentiate your Airbnb. 

15. Focus on the Small Things That Will Make Your Visitors Feel at Home.

It’s crucial to make your guests feel welcome and at home when renting out your house on Airbnb. This entails paying close attention to the tiny things that might add up to a lot. You may perform the following things to please your visitors:

Market to Your Target Audience.

Your visitors will be less inclined to pick your Airbnb listing if it appears generic or identical to every other one on the website. Use professional images and imaginative words to fully convey the character of your house. To increase reservations, emphasise the primary selling points of your location and the surrounding region, particularly nearby attractions. 

examine your target audience and seriously examine how you might enhance their experience. Offering Pack-and-Plays, high chairs, and air mattresses, for example, are simple gestures that go a long way in luring parents of young children. 

Good Luck with Your Airbnb Host Profile.

Make potential visitors feel at ease, both with your home and with you. Encourage visitors to learn more about you and to contact you with any queries or suggestions.

Keep an open mind.

Do your best to fulfil your visitors’ needs if they have any throughout their stay. Always try to make your visitors feel comfortable if they forget theirs, whether it’s with an extra pillow or some shampoo.

Making your visitors feel at home may be greatly improved by paying attention to the small things. Although it is true that some visitors will just be hard to satisfy, this is the exception rather than the rule. These suggestions will help you make sure that your visitors have a good time and are more inclined to return in the future. 


It can be challenging to make your Airbnb listing stand out, especially if you are new to the market. But if you carefully put all of the above advice into practice, you ought to be well on your way to becoming a successful host. Just take things slowly and allow each raving guest review to help your listing rise above the rest of the pack.

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