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Strange things can be anything extraordinary. Wouldn’t you be curious if one says it rained “Fish and Frogs?” Did you know that such strange things have rained down? Since biblical times, it has been reported on and off about strange things that have fallen from the sky. However, some things that have fallen from the sky have scientific and natural reasons to back up, while the rest didn’t and repeated less likely. Let’s now have a look at a few things that have fallen from the sky. 

  • Fish
Raining Fish | Pexels Images

One uncommon occurrence is falling fish. The sight of fish falling from the sky has been in the discussion from time to time. These occurrences are repeated and have a good scientific reason behind them. A tornado-like phenomenon in stormy weather in coastal areas can basically suck out marine life from the waters. A waterspout-like thing created by the tornado sucks these fish out. Next, the wind carries these fish inland where they will fall to the ground. Therefore, people say it “it rained fish.” 

  • Blood
strange things
Red Rain | Pexels Images

At least, that’s how it’s visible. There have been occurrences more than once where people experienced the red rain, which looked like blood rain in actual life. The Spanish city of Zamora and a village in India experienced the red-tinged liquid falling from the sky that appeared as blood. This occurrence has a scientific explanation, and according to that, all this is just normal and nothing to worry about. These natural red rains are because of the red pigment produces by the micro-algae plant. The plant does so when it’s in a state of stress, and according to scientists, it’s because spores are stuck in rain clouds. 

  • Space Junk
strange things
Space Junk | Pexels Images

Despite its nature, falling space junks make sense, don’t they? Space junk is actually a thing in the sky. It would be obvious to fall when they lose steam in orbit. This is when all the space junk stumbles towards the earth. However, machinery as satellites, which are examples that have rained down, has to survive the re-entry in the atmosphere. They are in debris as they splinter into pieces and pieces. Hence, no danger to any individual on earth was reported. This means your odds of getting hit by one of these falling debris is extremely low.

  • Money
strange things
Raining Money | Pexels Images

Now how on earth is this possible? In 2015, it was reported that Kuwait rained the Arab Emirates, Dirhams, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Another instance was when a woman in Germany collected a substantial amount of money that rained down as she was in her car, driving. Also, a similar incident was reported in Indianapolis where an electrician witnessed the sight of $200 worth of bills just blowing off a roof as he was working. However, none uncovered the mystery, if not for an explanation.

Don’t these unnatural forms of drizzling put the phrase ‘It’s raining cats and dogs’ to reality?

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