Top 5 Game of Thrones Fan Theories for Season 8

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While the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will possibly premiere as late as 2019, fans of the hit HBO series don’t need an excuse to discuss the future of our favorite characters from Westeros. While there are lots of crazy theories found on the internet, from Bran being the Night King to Varys being a Merman, here are the top five fan theories that are the most likely to happen in Season 8.

1. The Night King is a Stark

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In George R. R. Martin’s original novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is told tales about his ancestors from his nanny, Old Nan. One of the stories she shares with Bran is about one of the age-old Lord Commanders of the Night’s Watch, called the “Night’s King.” According to lore, the Night’s King was actually a Stark, and oddly enough, it is insinuated that his full name was Brandon Stark, which might be the reason for the growing fan theory that Bran himself is the Night King. The fact that there’s not much differentiation between “Night King” and “Night’s King” could signify that they are one and the same person, making the infamous White Walker one of Bran’s own relatives.

Not only is this theory proposed in the books, but it is also suggested in the TV series. At the end of the season seven finale entitled “The Dragon and the Wolf,” supposedly, as the Army of the Dead cross through the Wall into Westeros, their formation resembles the Stark’s direwolf sigil. Since the White Walkers are controlled by the Night King, it would then be plausible that they would mimic the Stark’s sigil as they are entering a land that may hold familiar memories of home for the ancient iceman. This theory also matches the theme of not being bound to your ancestors’ actions, which came up in Jon and Daenerys’ first conversation. If the Night King truly is a Stark, he would surely be the dark spot on a house that is known for their upstanding morals.

2. Jon and Daenerys are Even More Closely Related

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At the end of season 7, it was finally confirmed to fans that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is really a Targaryen, and is in fact the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This revelation confirmed to fans the unsettling truth that Jon’s new lover Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) is actually his aunt. Ick. However, for many, this didn’t come as much of a surprise. Fan theories have been circulating the internet for years that suggested Jon was really Targaryen, but there’s another theory that proposes Daenerys and Jon are even more closely related than simply aunt and nephew.

Dany has a memory from her childhood growing up in Braavos of lemon trees; however, lemon trees don’t grow in Braavos, but they do grow in Dorne. It is very likely that, like Jon, aspects of Dany’s past were hidden, even from her. It’s very possible that Daenerys’ location was kept top secret and that she was really brought up in Dorne because she has an even stronger claim to the Iron Throne than she originally thought. Instead of being Rhaegar’s sister, the theory is then that Daenerys is actually the daughter of Rhaegar Targaryen and his first wife, Elia Martell, which would make Jon her half brother.

3. Bran Influenced His Ancestors

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Brandon Stark isn’t the first of his name. In fact, there have been many Brandon Stark’s throughout history, and Bran is only one in a long line. As stated before, the “Night’s King,” one of Bran’s ancestors, was also named Brandon Stark. Another one of these Brandon Starks, who is known under the nickname “Bran the Builder,” is the architect of the Wall that stands between Westeros and the wild. According to a Game of Thrones fan on a subreddit for “A Song of Ice and Fire,” Bran may have stirred all of the Brandon Stark’s in the past to greatness by whispering them the ideas that led to their accomplishments.

We’ve seen before that not only can Bran travel to different moments in the past as the Three-Eyed Raven, but he can also affect events from the past, as we saw in episode 3 of season 6 entitled “Oathbreaker” when Ned Stark heard Bran call out to him. More proof of this theory can be found in the books, when Bran’s old nanny, Old Nan, would often talk to Bran as if she were speaking with one of his ancestors. An excerpt from the first book even states, “She had lived so long, Mother had told him once, that all the Brandon Starks had become one person in her head.”

4. Sam Uncovered a Maester Conspiracy

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Of all the crazy fan theories for Game of Thrones, one of the most plausible is a Maester conspiracy theory. While Samwell Tarly (John Bradley West) was studying to be a Maester at the Citadel, he grew close to the Arch Maester (Jim Broadbent). Even though the Arch Maester said he believed Sam when he told him about White Walkers and their impending invasion, he did nothing about it and even mocked Sam in front of the other Maesters during a meeting.

While it’s possible that the Maesters are old, stubborn fuddy-duddies that wish to trust reason over the rumors that an ancient magic is raising the dead, it’s more likely that the Maesters are being paid off by Cersei (Lena Headey) to keep quiet. The Maesters have an immense amount of influence and respect in Westeros, and Cersei, being the devious mastermind she is, most likely knows this. One raven from the Maesters would not only convince everyone of the White Walker’s existence, but would probably mobilize every house’s armies towards the wall, leaving Cersei vulnerable to an attack from Daenerys.

5. Bran Caused the Mad King’s Madness

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As mentioned before, Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven can travel through time and influence the past. It is very likely then that Bran may have influenced the most important event in the past: the paranoia of the Mad King. If Bran was capable of whispering ideas to his ancestors, he could certainly be responsible then for the voices the Mad King heard and would therefore make Bran the reason the Mad King went insane.

Not only do we have proof that Bran is capable of such a task, but the Mad King’s actions could easily confirm that Bran was whispering to the Mad King about an important future event: the coming of the White Walkers. The Mad King had an obsession with fire and it so happens that fire kills wights. He kept repeating “Burn them all” and had caches of wildfire hidden throughout King’s Landing. Is it possible then that the Mad King was simply preparing for the future White Walker attacks and only wanted to burn all of the walkers? If this were the case, then Bran would therefore be responsible for the kindling that started the events of the whole series.


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