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Denim jeans do not have to be the usual stiff and uncomfortable fit, like what we were stuck with for a good ten years. The top denim trends right now are a wide range that can fit most body types. With so many options out there, it’s hard to choose. Here is a roundup of the top denim trends for 2021.

Now keep in mind denim trends are fleeting, but trends come back every decade. It is okay to enjoy trends, but it is even better to buy timeless denim that will last you a lifetime. Whether it is the wash or the cut, the simpler it is- the better, for your wardrobe and your pocket.

The 70s Wide Leg

Right now, we are being taken back in time, to the 70s to be specific. Tight at the waist, hugs your thighs then flare out at the bottom, once it gets to the knee. This style suits everyone. Tall or short, skinny, or curvaceous. If you have fat ankles, it will hide them similarly if you are one of those that have non-existent calves. These are the solution.

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The Straight Leg

Loved the most by influencers and tall girls the most. The straight leg jeans have a way of elevating an outfit and making it look more sophisticated instead of casual. Particularly when paired with a heel. You can bet it has become a classic, because this style is not going anywhere. 


Trouser-esque Denim

For those days when you might have to go straight from work to a relatively formal or upscale event or dinner. They cinch in at the waist, giving you a figure, often have pleated detailing and a flare out at the legs, basically another throwback, since this is an 80s style cut. They are available in so many washes, such as the classic blue jean, ecru, deep indigo, and black-ish. These can also be worn at the office because of their more formal look. Paired with a blazer, they can be the perfect or a comfortable yet appropriate work outfit.

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Cropped Denim

Shorter girls love these. Naturally, they expose the ankle, so you do not have to have them tailored. Many people customize cropping by using old jeans and cutting them with scissors to get the perfect length for them, specifically, instead of risking going to Levi’s for example, and ending up spending money for cropped jeans that you might have to crop again.

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Crisscross High-Waisted Jeans

These are definitely a trend and will not last long, but while the trend is here, there is no reason you should not allow yourself to experiment. It is for people with tiny waists, which is how the concept came about originally as a life hack that went viral on social media, which was adopted by the fashion industry, when designers started releasing denim that had already looked that way.

denim trends
$50 ZARA

The Slim-Fit Jean

For winter days when you still want to wear your thigh-high boots. The slim fit jeans are there for you. It is like an upgraded version of the skinny jean, for those who do not want to let go. It is available in a range of washes, like the classic and in white or ashy black.

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