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Glitz and Glamour are a few words to describe the Fashion Industry, but are we seeing what it is all about? As told by Ecowatch, apparently, the fashion industry accounts for the second largest polluter in the world, right behind oil.

Tiffany Eckert from KLCC has reported that the company Eugene are working to design and promote a fashion show called “Trashion Show” to bring to light “conscious consumerism”. The clothing stems from the amount of trash that is wasted and dumped from fashion manufacturers. Farale Nelson who is with The Eco Boutique and Of The Earth apparel has been behind the scenes getting everything set up.

Local designers have come together to create pieces of clothing made from literal trash and recyclable items. It is basically your very own wearable art that shows the audience how you can transform what you throw and waste away. Plastic bags, bottle caps, six pack rings and scrap fabric are some of the found product that was used in the making of trash fashion.

If there is an issue of another landfill happening that will probably be dumped into the ocean, re-using trash is a wonderful idea that fashion does not see very often.

The outfits will range from tribal to business casual, all from trash.

It will be exciting to see how we can use materials that are involved in our everyday lives to make clothing. Fashion does not seem like it would be the second largest polluter in the world, but there is a way to decrease that percent. Organic and Fair Trade fabrics were also used in helping make the outfits out of trash. It also gives an idea about what else we as society can do to stop the fashion industry from polluting.

The fashion show was a good plan to put to use.

There can be a burden when it comes to pollution, and now that I have realised that fashion adds to that, my thoughts are different about the subject of the fashion industry. The outfits that these designers have produced are fun and artistic, a concept that has been seen more and more in today’s fashion world. There is spirit in these constructions, especially with the use of scrap fabrics. Fabric is not cheap!

It is better to work with what you have left over.. even making a blanket is recycling the fabric.

The fashion show aims to inspire society and fashion heads to look more closely into where access good are being deposited. The vent is supposed to be held at the Eco Boutique, a perfect spot for trashion fashion. It is also free to enter, but tickets are available and required upon attending.

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