Trending: Socks..With Sandals?

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When I think of socks with sandals, I think of the all-American dad briefly stepping out of his house to grab a few things from the grocery store. In the past, socks with sandals have been an unspoken fashion faux-pas where only the boldest (or laziest) are actually willing to be seen in public wearing the combination. In recent weeks, celebrities and models have been seen rocking this odd pairing, not because they didn’t want to slip their usual pair of Louboutins over their perfectly manicured toes, but because socks and sandals are in. Yes, you read that correctly: the controversial pairing of socks and sandals is making a comeback (although, I’m not too sure they were ever in style).

Not only did the combination make an appearance on the Cannes 2017 red carpet, but they also made an appearance during the Valentino Resort 2018 fashion show in New York City. Now I am all for new fashion trends because they keep our closets fresh and fashionable—but socks with sandals? In addition, the internet is NOT having this new trend. Many thought it was a joke to begin with, but were quickly puzzled when the odd coupling was actually a fashion statement. On the Cannes red carpet, well-known model Kendall Jenner paired her whimsical one shoulder dress and gold metallic Jimmy Choo sandals with sheer over-the-ankle socks. However, Scottish singer Tallia Storm broke-in this trend at a Virgin Atlantic event in March, rocking a pair of knitted pink socks under her purple sandals.

In New York City last Tuesday, Valentino released their 2018 resort collection, consisting of track suits, sporty bombers, and matching socks that can be found under their sandals. As this trend rapidly took the internet by a storm, Topshop released a statement on their blog last Friday announcing that “sock and sandals are back” in fashion. Twitter users quickly responded to this ever-growing debate, one user saying that her week was made when she found a “Wikipedia page for socks and sandals,” while another user jokingly tweeted that the socks and sandals combination is the “only birth control I’ll need.” More negative feedback included the trend being labeled “a fashion crime” and that they are tempted to “start a petition to ban socks and sandals.” Undeniably, this combo is no doubt one of the oddest, most controversial trends this day-in-age. A number of models were found rocking the pairing during the Fashion For Relief catwalk on May 21, including Natasha Poly, with some mid-calf burgundy socks with sandals. Even the male models were wearing the unlikely duo, including male model Barry Lomeka, with what looked to be navy mid-calf socks under his purple sandals.

Wikipedia reads “wearing socks and sandals together is a controversial fashion combination and social phenomenon that is discussed in various countries and cultures. It is sometimes considered a fashion faux pas.” Other Twitter users posted clever responses showing their disapproval toward the look, including “The American TOURIST are back in town” and “The fact that it’s 23 degrees does not give you the right to wear socks and sandals.” Is it bad that I want this trend to stay in style so that I can continue reading these hilariously opinionated twitter posts? Bottom line, as mentioned above, if you’re bold enough to step out of the house in socks with sandals, more power to you. However, I highly doubt that the public is suddenly going to change their mind about this combination. If popstars like Justin Timberlake can’t even make it work somehow, I doubt it will be easier for anyone else.

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