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Braid hairstyles are always trending as they never get out of fashion. A braid formation is a little challenging, but once you put your hands on it, it is a treat. Different braid hairstyles are of great art. A braid is formed when three or more stands interlace with one another. Undoubtedly, braids are summer season friendly. You can easily get a super fascinating look with a braid without putting much effort. Thus, practice is the key to perfection.

1-Centered french braid hairstyle

Braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram/Todetranca

You can make such braided hair very easily in your daily routine. It is very charming and does not require many efforts.
Take three strands of hair from the middle and form a french braid (add hair to the strand). Take hair from the sides in such a way that your braid forms in the middle. Moreover, you can curl the remaining hair for more glam. The choice is all yours!

2- One-sided fish braid

Braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram/Todetranca

These kinds of elegant braid hairstyles look classy at any formal event. Moreover, it adds beauty to your overall look.
Do a side partition of your hair and take a small portion from the front. Do a little backcombing as it adds more volume to your hair. Now take two strands and keep on adding hair. Secured the braid with Bobby pins, and you are good to go. Besides, you can curl your remaining hair so that it becomes more formal for special affairs.

3- Double french braid into one

Braid hairstyle
Credit: Instagram/Todetranca

This braid hairstyle is great if you are headed towards a semi-formal event such as a baby shower or bridal shower. Furthermore, this hairstyle is one of the trends recently.
What you have to do is take a good amount of hair from the center and tie them with a rubber band. Wrap some hair around the band to secure it. Now take half of the secure hair and start forming a french braid by adding hair to the left strand only. Do the same procedure with the remaining hair. Also, join the two braids into a single braid. Do a lot of practice to get super perfect with this hairstyle.

4- Band braid hairstyles


This is by far, one of my favorite braid hairstyles this summer. Undoubtedly, it’s easy to make yet gives a very classic feel.
Do center partition of your hair and keep them in front. Now from one end, take three strands and start making a French braid in a band-like structure. Furthermore, curl your hair from the bottom or have them straight. The choice is all yours!

5- French, Fish braid hairstyles

Two in one style
Credit: Instagram/Todetranca

If you are you looking for something creative yet super easy, then this is a perfect choice. This hairstyle is so beautiful and precious that you would love to make it daily.
Take three strands from each side and make a half french braid. Tie both sided french braids into a rubber band. Now start making fish braid. Also, you can make the remaining hair wavy for more poise.

6- One-sided french braid hairstyles

Sided french
Credit: Instagram/Todetranca

These kinds of braids are perfect when you are going on vacation. This hairstyle does not consume time; rather, it’s amicable.
Firstly, do side partition of your hair. Take three strands and start making a one-sided French braid. Lock your braided hair with Bobby pins. Cover the end of the braid with some hair. You’re good to enjoy every bit of your vacation.

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