Trendy Haircuts for Summer 2023

It’s tough to pick a favourite from the countless viral haircut moments that 2023 has already witnessed.

The oval layer haircut, a ’90s-inspired style with plenty of polished layers at the base of the neck and throughout the lengths that fan out extremely nicely, was all the rage in January. We were all completely enamoured with the bullet bob in February, which draws its style cues from the shag, the wolf cut, and the popular mullet.

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You can expect a plethora of glittering new cuts now that summer is in full swing, and renowned hair stylists claim there is something for everyone.

You can get all the summertime hairstyle ideas you need right here.

The Ultra-Short Afro

Photo: Nappy by Natural

According to renowned stylist Tyler Moore speaking on behalf of Live True London, “we’re going to see a lot of close-cropped afros coming into 2023.” To preserve adaptability and provide room for style, Tyler advises settling on a length of about 1 inch.

The Waterfall Cut

Photo: Curl Maven

You may be familiar with this style as the butterfly haircut, but a few more layers have given it the label “waterfall cut,” where one area of hair flows into the next without any gaps. 

According to Liz Wilson, a hairstylist at Live True London, “bold ’70s bangs paired with long, waterfall layers are very popular right now following the success of Daisy Jones and the Six.” The ’70s bouncy blow-dry is back with a vengeance, says editorial hairdresser and Neil Moodie Studio founder Neil Moodie, so we’re reconsidering hair that is all one length. “Now, people are asking for internal layers,” claims Moodie. These layers, which begin about the nose or chin and continue to the length, “frame the face. To avoid having too much weight at the bottom of the haircut, the upper layers should be lengthy.

Moodie advises honing your blow-drying techniques. Apply Pureology Weightless Volume Mousse from root to tip, then blow-dry hair away from the face using a sizable round brush, suggests Moodie. “Pin or insert a big roller when the hair is actually setting as you complete each part. After finishing, make sure the hair is totally dry, remove the pins or rollers, and brush the hair with a comb with a wide tooth.

The Butterfly Shag

Photo: Glaminati

This cut sits comfortably between the fashionable butterfly cut, which features shorter layers on top blended into longer layers down the sides, and the traditional shag, which has a more chopped-down, worn-in appearance. It’s the ideal technique to appreciate your hair’s natural curls and waves.

Buller & Rice cofounder Stephen Buller says, “We are an ambassador for natural hair and now that the holiday season is in full swing, easy, beautiful, natural textures are the way to go.” “This is the ideal technique to make your hair distinctively yours. Instead of contrasting with your natural hair texture, it works with it. Adding layers will emphasise the curly texture more, and a fringe may liven things up. Buller suggests scheduling a haircut every six to eight weeks to maintain healthy hair.

The Je Ne Sais Quoi Bob

Photo: The Je Ne Sais Quoi Bob

“This is the natural evolution of the ‘contour bob’ we saw a lot of during the spring, which encourages the shadows of an elevated cheekbone,” claims stylist and trend-spotter Tom Smith. It’s quite well-liked in Paris. Smith continues, “It is frequently trimmed bluntly, at chin length or somewhat longer, and has loads of movement. When accessorised with bangs to give it a Parisian feel, it occasionally has a deep side part. 

According to Smith, it’s a particularly useful haircut for the summer since there is a lot less hair to worry about. Due to its simplicity, this haircut is very slick and sexy, but what makes it even more alluring is how little maintenance it needs.

The Wixie

Photo: Instagram

Meet the “wixie,” a pixie cut with wings that hairdressers are now into. It has wispy strands that are a touch longer at the back for a softer, fluffier feel and isn’t as severely cut as the standard pixie. 

Buller offers the “mixie”—a mullet meets pixie—if you want something a little bit longer. It’s cut with a delicate, short fringe and gentle feathering over the ears. For additional texture and softness, there is also a little length in the rear, according to Buller. When hair is this short, styling is simple. “Just towel-dry your hair, sprinkle it with Oway Sea Salt Spray, and then blow-dry it rough or let it air dry. Add some Oway Volume & Texture Hair Puff for more texture, advises Buller.

Birkin Bangs

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

Birkin hairstyles are as classic as the recognizable bag. Smith likes this style because it needs less hair than traditional blunt bangs and has short, blunt bangs with thinner tips. While it’s short and straight enough to make a statement, it features softer, choppier characteristics for “added femininity,” says Smith. “Birkin bangs have sharp corners that frame the face and are great for people who like the idea of a full fringe but don’t want it to fully close in on their face in a solid, heavy shape.”

To make sure the hair doesn’t bounce up excessively while you’re getting bangs trimmed from scratch, Smith advises going a bit longer than you anticipate. “Once your hair is dried, have your hairdresser trim more as necessary. This method keeps the look’s wispiness while adding texture and depth to the face. In order to avoid using a round bristle brush, Smith advises against styling your bangs in an excessively “round or voluminous” manner. The bangs should lean more toward the straight side.

The Shixie

Photo: Dzień Dobry

This is the most recent hairstyle to leave salons, according to Moodie. It has a texture that is a mix between a grown-out pixie and a shag or wolf cut. According to Moodie, its defining characteristic is jagged bangs that were trimmed with a razor as a tribute to the 1970s trends that were unintentionally flawless. It’s an excellent cut if you want to go shorter and are growing out a pixie, the shag, or a wolf cut. The back’s little length adds fun.

Given how little upkeep it requires, Moodie claims that a cut like this works best on naturally curly or wavy hair. Add a small amount of style cream, then allow your hair’s natural texture to take over.

The Butterfly Cut 2.0

Photo: Creators

According to Smith, the butterfly haircut is unique among layered haircuts because it has two distinct sections: “Long layers that fall below the shoulders to create the appearance of length and short layers that end two to three inches below the chin to frame the face and add volume.”

According to Smith, the face-framing, voluminous layers are what give the butterfly cut its very ’90s look.  “It is known for its versatility as a short and a long haircut,” explains Smith, “and depending on how you style it, this one haircut may give you two completely different looks when worn either down to show off the layers or up in a ponytail.”

The Stacked Bob

Photo: Instagram

The layered bob is back, but not a single 2010s trend can be seen in it this time. The layers are substantially less step-like as a result. As a result, the back of the hair can have greater volume without having the evident chopped impression since each part of hair is very precisely blended into the next. Since each layer gradually grows shorter from the nape of the neck up to the crown, stylists may sometimes describe hair in this style as the “graduated” bob. 

The Mini Butterfly Cut

Photo: quecolors

The butterfly cut is the summer’s must-have hairstyle, according to Smith and Buller, but you don’t need long hair to pull it off. It has thin, face-framing bangs that are separated in the middle, as well as wispy layers from the mid lengths to the ends.

The Curly Cut

Photo: Dave

Pashcan’el Mitchell, the main instructor for afro and textured hair at Blue Tit, projected that more individuals will embrace their curls and afros at the beginning of the year. “The vibe is go big or go home,” Mitchell added, “with twist-outs to create texture and finger curling to get those curls to pop.”

Popping curls in a variety of forms, from long bobs with bangs to styles worn off the face, like this curly cut by award-winning afro and textured hair specialist Michelle Thompson, are all the rage on Instagram and TikTok this summer. “The hair was treated with both moisture and protein to strengthen and hydrate her curls, teamed with a curly cut to give the hair a good shape to grow,” Thompson said on Instagram.

The Nastassja Kinski Bob

Photo: Marcello Mencarin

You should thus keep it brief but not too brief. Think about the “Nastassja Kinski bob,” as described by Nick Latham and Seán Paul Nother of The Hair Bros.

In their Instagram post, they stated that “many of you who have had bobs from us [have] probably heard the name Nastassja Kinski coming into conversation at least two or three times.” “The front is shorter to break up the overall shape just enough to frame the face, while the back is slightly longer to give natural movement the best chance of forming.” 

The French Bob Reinvented

Photo: hannahkleit

According to Buller, chopped bobs that reach the neckline are now popular. It’s a more adaptable variation of the traditional French bob. “It has a strong, blunt, square shape with some added layers for texture,” asserts Buller. If you flip your hair or want to tuck it behind your ears, this form is ideal for you. With a softer, finer fringe, it looks sleek, crisp, and classic.

Buller advises using a product that aids in smoothing hair during blow-drying, such as Oway Smoothing Cream. It’s also a fantastic product for effortlessly attaining an air-dried texture.

The Pin-Up Bob

Photo: Women Hairstyles

This hairstyle, sometimes referred to as the “dreamboat bob,” was popularised by the most well-known pin-ups of the 1990s. Think of Leonardo DiCaprio and Nick Carter. It is loose, laid-back, and androgynous. This is a short, blunt bob that is chin-length and may be worn more casually or with a slicked-back style, according to Stephen. 

Chanel haircut

Photo: Stylevore

The Chanel bob is a contemporary interpretation of Coco Chanel’s iconic style. It is often cut bluntly at chin length or slightly longer and has lots of movement. This appearance has a deep side part and is frequently accessorized with bangs that give it a Parisian vibe. This haircut is really sleek and seductive because to its simplicity, but what makes it even more appealing is how little upkeep it requires.

Octopus-style hairdo

Photo: Medusa Hair Extensions

This cut will offer you plenty of layers and volume on top with longer, layered parts that fall on or below your shoulders, somewhat approximating the shape of the marine monster it is named after. The shag and mullet, which have lately dominated trends, have been updated with the octopus cut, which not only looks excellent but also doesn’t require much style.

Wolf cut

Photo: Sobo Hair Boutique

The wolf cut, which is a cross between the mullet and the shag, has gained a lot of popularity recently as a result of hundreds of TikTok users cutting their hair in an attempt to recreate the style at home. This style may be for you if you enjoy a haircut that will offer you volume at the top of your head and some movement and texture close to the sides and the bottom.

Bottleneck bangs

Photo: Behindthechair

One of the current bang trends that are “so hot” for 2023 is bottleneck bangs. With the bangs resting closer together at the top of your forehead and flaring out to frame your face, this style resembles a bottleneck. For those who want to get into the notion of having bangs without cutting a thick fringe, this is a terrific, low-maintenance style.

The curve haircut

Photo: lilyjcollins

The beauty of the curve cut is that it looks well on people with long or short hair and is especially flattering if your hair is growing out. To enable the hair to fall or curve about the face, it is trimmed in a ‘U’ or ‘V’ form with gentle layers. This cut is flexible and functional since it looks excellent with hair up or down.

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