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The fountains of Rome will be restored starting Thursday; this is made possible by funding from Fendi For Fountains.

Fendi is a company based out of Rome, and is generously giving back to the city.

This is part of what Fendi is calling, Fendi for Fountains. “Fendi pays tribute to the Eternal City… where water and creativity flow liberally and relentlessly.”

The Trevi Fountain has been restored in the past, but a few years ago after being weakened some of the fountain has fallen off. This fountain is a popular tourist attraction, and was the background in a scene of the popular movie La Dolce Vita.

Gianni Alemanno, the Mayor of Rome, spoke of Fendi’s donation in an announcement by Fendi about the restoration. He called it, “a real, unique, authentic donation to the city of Rome, and to the artistic world heritage.”

The collaboration between Rome and Fendi was announced back in 2013. The plan is to restore the fountains of Rome, both the Trevi Fountain, and the Four Fountains. Fendi donated 2.18 million Euros to the Trevi Fountain, and 320,000 Euros to the Four Fountains.

“I think it’s a great idea, a great project, because this famous fountain is a symbol of Rome,” said Karl Lagerfeld, a German fashion designer.

Lagerfeld, explained that this is in no way a publicity stunt, or a way for Fendi to get more exposure, although there will be a plaque commemorating Fendi for their donation.

The Four Fountains is estimated to be completed in March 2015, and the Trevi Fountain should be completed by the fall of 2015.



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