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What I Wear to Work is a section of GQ’s official website located in the Style section where hot and praised workers get to show off what clothing they pick to use for the office straight to events.

Trey Laird, a chief executive and chief creative director of his own company Laird+Partners is known for his immaculate outfits and his work with ad campaigns for a handful of labels. He is a specialist in the world of fashion, beauty, and the luxury. Laird has achieved a prestigious role in the fashion community, making him a proud icon for high-end designers.

The Gap advertisement featuring Lenny Kravitz and Sarah Jessica Parker jamming out together while Parker tries on different styles of jeans and dancing was one of Laird’s creations. The khaki-clad models that took over Tommy Hilfiger for around five years also was Laird’s advertisements. Tom Ford cologne and Calvin Klein underwear are a few others that have been grateful for Trey Laird’s performances.

If brands were searching to make a grand entrance, Laird is the person for the job. The demand for Laird’s help is appreciated and he in no doubt lets anybody down. When you are Trey Laird, you will be directing, pitching to a potential client, attending meetings at your office, and then heading out to a promising dinner or event all in one day.

The constant errands without so much of a break makes fashion lovers wonder about what he wears if he has no time to change. In an interview with GQ, Laird lays out the specifics. His outfit choices are simple, an in-between minimalistic and traditional, but not quite either. His clothing is edited as he has chosen various pieces from Tomas Maier, Dries Van Noten, James Perse, and Visvim. The pair of shoe brand that he adores is Stan Smith which go with everything.

Laird never understood the streetwear scene that has been blowing up in the fashion community. He thinks there is too much commotion happening with the trend of the season because of how overdone it is. Simplicity is Laird’s keyword when it comes to his dress.

Trey Laird does not believe in having a set dress code at his workplace, but his coworkers still dress the way Laird does, which is the main attraction for clientele. The interaction between international and national designers have an interest in product, design and great business and that is what Laird+Partners focuses on rather than dressing to impress.

Casual can be accepted in cases where it is done the right way. Jeans and a tee-shirt can be sloppy or neat, but it is up to you how you present the look. James Perse tee-shirts are Laird’s go-to pick. The tee-shirts are the right shade of grey and navy blue and the layout of the store makes you fall in love.

Laird gives advice on how to wear a suit – do it with sneakers to balance out the overdressed with the underdressed.

Dries Van Noten is one of Laird’s favorites because if you want a specific blazer or bomber jacket, it is the brand he gravitates to. They are consistent yet play with personality.

Stepping out of your own culture can be liberating. Japanese brands, for example thrive on the updated looks of American clothing. Designer Hiroki Nakamura is known for exquisite designs that are iconic and capture functional trends and styles.

The best advice Laird has to give is to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Confidence is key, which is evident when you feel good about yourself. You will not be able to carry yourself the same way if you are not feeling 100 percent.

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