Unique Cookies- 7 Types That Can Take Away Grief

unique cookies

Who doesn’t love fascinating and unique cookies? Can they make you feel better? Cookies can be a source of happiness. The unique and mouthwatering flavors can flip your mood. Every year on the 4th of December, cookie day is celebrated. Cookies are a three-bite meal, and eating it can take you on a ride to paradise. It can satisfy your cravings and can even help you in getting over your grief.

unique cookies
Filled with Love – pixabay.com

When you think of cookies, the idea that pops up in your mind is chocolate chip cookies, but thousands of flavors are available. People bake different cookies and give different shapes to them. Psychologists proved that eating and making sweet treats can help you get over stress and depression.

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unique cookies
Delicious Goodness – pexels.com

Some people have this habit of eating cookies and brownies when going through any trauma or anguish. You can make all the cookies, try different flavors and forget about the problems and despair.

Here are some of the unique cookies that can fill your day with joy. All these cookies are for both adults and kids.

1.     Three-layered chocolate cookie:
unique cookies
Three Layers of wonder – pexels.com

Chefs generally fill this cookie with rich chocolate. You can add any ingredients to these layers, such as jam, caramel, or fudge chocolate. These tempting cookies can throw any grief in the bin.

2.     Sugar cookie:
unique cookies
Sugary Fantasy – pixabay.com

Sugar cookies can satisfy your cravings, and it has some unique essence of cinnamon. The caramelized sugar on the top enhances the texture and flavor of this cookie. They are an all-time favorite and classic. You can make them at home or buy them from your nearest bakery.

3.     Madeleines:
unique cookies
Gorgeous Lines – pixabay.com

These are special French cookies. This cookie is garnished with colorful jelly that looks like seashells. It has a mixed flavor of sweetness and saltiness. It can only be made in a special kind of pain, and it’s the most unique of all. The colorful presence fascinates the kids, and these are best for midnight hunger.

4.     Macarons- a unique cookie:
Colorful Macarons – pixabay.com

Macarons are the famous yet exclusive cookies of France. These are filled with different flavors or ganache. There are many novelties macaron recipes available that you can quickly try at home. Macarons are basically a sweet and delicious candy bar with rich stuffing.

5.     Almond crunch cookie:
unique cookies
Almond Heaven – pixabay.com

Crunchy Almond cookie has a classic taste of nuts and sweetness. The balance of both main ingredients makes it unique and divine. The soft crust and hard topping of toffee and nuts provide perfect nutrients. This cookie is the whole meal itself, and it’s healthy for everyone. This cookie is to die for, and once you start eating it, you’ll forget all of your sorrows. You can also make it indeed at home with more unique elements.

6.     Apple pie Cookie:
unique cookies
Mini Pie – pexels.com

Everybody has heard of apple pie, and now you can enjoy the most delicious apple pie cookie. This cookie has all the flavors and crisp of a pie. The crust is made with sugar, and it’s filled with mashed apple chunks and apple jam on the top. Every chomp of this pie is packed with a unique and delicious flavor.

7.     Creamy and cheesy unique cookies:
unique cookies
Creamy Cheesy Perfection -pixabay.com

Last but not least, the creamy, cheesy cookie has the most decadent ingredients. This cookie has a soft base with cream, cheese, and salted butter on top. You can add some maples sauce on the top to balance the sweetness and saltiness of this cookie. It is best for cheese lovers and delicious as a combination.

Finally, all of these cookies can be helpful to get over your grief. You can enjoy these tempting and enticing cookies at home. The recipes are available online with all the instructions. In addition, you can buy them from your nearest bakeries or savory shops. Delectable and unique cookies make the world a better place.

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