Unmade – Customizing Clothes the Sustainable Way

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Between the Internet and the fast fashion model, the fashion industry is rapidly changing; particularly in regards to the convenience and options available to consumers. However, amid all this growth, there have been many voices calling for the industry to examine the ethics behind their practices, particularly in regards to the environment.

Thus, the modern fashion industry finds itself in a consumer landscape that demands both the convenience of modern day technology and the ethical practices of a socially conscious company.

Unmade, a software platform, is attempting to mediate that demand. The platform, developed in London back in 2013, assists fashion brands in offering customizable clothes. Essentially the software links to a brand’s production process and allows consumers to customize a given piece according to their own specific preferences.

Through the website of the brand in question, shoppers by selecting the option as they pertain to details such as the main pattern, collar etc. of a particular garment. The garment is immediately made in a factory and shipped off to the buyer.

The software also says that it intends to contribute to lessening overall waste within the clothing industry, as it will be assisting companies in only producing garments that will definitely be sold. Thus, preventing the unsustainable phenomenon of over-supplying.

Unmade CEO Hal Watts says, “Now working with three of America’s top 10 fashion brands, who generate billions in annual revenue, we strive to be an integral part in building a more sustainable and tech-enabled fashion ecosystem through on-demand manufacturing and customization.”

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