Urban Outfitters Diagnosed with Bieber Fever

Doctors confirm: It’s an epidemic of Bieber Fever and Urban Outfitters has just recently been diagnosed. Their symptoms? A ‘Purpose World Tour’ Collection.

Earlier this month, Bieber partnered with Barneys to feature a collection of tour-themed men’s wear for the store’s hundred to thousand dollar customers. Bieber has cut the price tag quite drastically as he introduced his ‘Purpose World Tour’ paraphernalia to an entirely unique fan base.

The high street brand, Urban Outfitters, has announced that a capsule collection of ‘Purpose gear will launch in stores on August 5th and then online three days later.

The collection is about quality more than quantity as it only boasts five pieces. However, all merchandise will feature the tour logo for fans. While tees will retail for prices around $35, baseball caps will be priced up to $69 and a feature bomber jacket will go for upwards of $89. Just slightly more affordable than the $1,675 leather jacket available at Barneys.

Bieber’s collection will hit all the major cities – having his merch sold in Urban Outfitter store in New York, London and Los Angeles. The digs’ debut will also be accompanied by a series of promotional events, featuring live DJs and the chance to win pieces exclusively signed by the Biebs himself.

Reps from Urban Outfitters inform WWD that the collaboration comes at a high time for concert apparel. The popularity of both Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ world tour and Yeezus’ ‘The Life of Pablo’ tour has resulted in the sellout of both performer’s concert gear. UO reps expect the same fandom spree outcome for Bieber’s collection.

Events for the collection’s launch will take place at the Melrose store in Los Angeles, Herald Square in New York and the Marble Arch in London.

While strictly deemed a men’s wear line, we’re expecting a rivaling turnout for Bieb’s female fans, as we’re sure each wants a piece of the ‘Wish I Was Your Boyfriend’ singer. Our wish too, Justin. Ours too.

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