Victoria & Albert Museum – Bridal Exhibition


This Spring, the Victoria and Albert Museum is featuring a new exhibition, entitled “Wedding Dresses 1775-2014.” But don’t be turned off and mislead by everything you think you know about museums! This exhibit shows the evolution of wedding dresses worn by wealthy aristocrats, due to the quality and price these dress possessed to high maintenance patrons. While they may date as far back as 1775, this exhibit will help you to see why they continue to capture the eyes of people all over the world!

Addressing the influence of celebrities, high class society, poverty, and fashion, you’ll undoubtedly see a chronology of the history of bridal dresses in a light you’ve never seen them in before. Lead curator, Edwina Ehrman, a specialist in the history of London fashion and haute couture says, “I set out to tell the story of the white wedding dress from the late 18th century onward, as there is very little written evidence of it before then.” She continues, “…while the focus is on white, there has constantly been a dialogue in color – over a long period.” Ehrman loves the idea of wedding dresses, saying that they’re “a ceremonial garment, but they have not become marginalized. And I don’t think they will disappear. They are talismanic, and transformative.”

Some dresses displayed in the exhibit include Cecil Beaton’s sister, Barbara “Baba” Beaton’s double train, silk satin dress, from Charles James in 1934. John Galliano’s sequined gowns for Kate Moss is represented, as well as his red and white dipped dress for Gwen Stefani. Anna Valentine’s long coat for Duchess of Cornwall and Jasper Conran’s corset dress for Lady Sarah Chatto.

More contemporary dresses in the exhibit include dresses from Vera Wang, Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood, Alice Temperley, and Jean Muir.

“Wedding Dresses 1775-2014” will run from May 3rd, 2014 until March 15, 2015. Want tickets? Click here.


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