Victoria Beckham Resort 2019 Collection

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When one typically thinks of Victoria Beckham, her sense of style comes to mind. Whether it’s her Posh Spice days with her cropped hair and shirts, or her present-day sleek, minimalist style; we typically think of Beckham’s sense of style as being understated and glamorous. Now, when one thinks of the 1980s, it’s quite the opposite. Therefore, it is somewhat surprising to see that decade of excess was an influence on Victoria Beckham’s Resort collection.

Beckham explains that her children are the reason why she turned to this particular decade for inspiration, stating “They’re starting to experiment with fashion, which reminds me of discovering my own sense of style when I was younger.” Beckham cites well-known films of the era such as Heathers, Top Gun, and Cocktail as a reference.

We can certainly see the mark of the 80s in this collection, there is an abundance of things like acid wash, big shoulders, and extremely architectural cuts. Yet, there is also a trace of Beckham’s own style throughout, even with the presence of something as exaggerated as shoulder pads, the piece still remains relatively simple. Often, she seems to include one wild detail and then allows it to be the one focus of any given piece.

Among the most notable pieces of the collection is a three-piece metallic suit, a leather minidress with big puffed sleeves, as well as a metallic sheath dress. There’s even a white jacket and pants combination that’s slightly reminiscent of Miami Vice.

Beckham’s fixation with the cinema of the era makes sense. The designer says “I remember trips to the cinema with my friends – or with my mum and dad – and loving everything about them: the fashion, the hair, the soundtracks!”

Vogue describes it as “fashion catnip” stating that “Beckham handled good taste/bad taste elements with a steady hand.”

If anything, it appears to be a rather wearable revival of one of fashion’s more risqué decades.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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