Victoria Beckham’s New Line Will Launch At Target On Sunday

Target is about to find themselves in the poshest moment of the year. That is because of Victoria Beckham’s new line that is about to launch at target this Sunday and will be available to purchase until supplies last. Considering the buzz around this collection, chances are, everything will be gone in a flash.

There are around 200 items for women, kids, and toddlers ranging in all sizes. The costs will stay at the steady rate of $6-$70, which is perfect for what Target has to offer. Even babies get to join in on Beckham’s line. Everyone who purchases the clothing will be as stylish as Beckham.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

The features editor at DealNews, Benjamin Glaser has said, “High-low collaborations between fashion icons and fast fashion are a huge deal lately”. It is true. Beckham is not the first celebrity to launch at Target, but it gives a great boost to sales and Target will not be stopping with collaborations anytime soon.

Both Target and Victoria Beckham get exposure when her collection goes up. It also does well for consumers since they will be able to buy designer clothes that are inexpensive at a mass-brand store. David Beckham, Victoria Beckham’s husband has also been on the collaboration wagon, bringing in his own line at H&M.

Victoria Beckham’s partnership with Target includes plus-size options. Some other collaborations had them accessible, but only online, which made some consumers a bit sad not to see them in store. Beckham is a role model to a lot of young women and older women who watched her perform in The Spice Girls. She surprised people with plus sizes so now it will only be better with sales.

Her collection reflects an elegant arrangement of all assortments. It is very Victoria Beckham indeed. However, items might be selling out fast if there are customers that are die-hard fans of Victoria Beckham. People are saying that consumers should hit up multiple Target stores just to get their hands on what they want. Most of the time, items are returned because they do not fit as well as people would like.

There will be pieces available online, but the store does not request that people go there to shop because there is a limit of five items you are allowed to purchase. To get your hands on the merchandise, it will be better if everyone lined up when the line launches this coming up Sunday. It will be easier shopping in store because more stuff will be there. Online, there is more traffic since consumers think it is a safer alternative.

From a branding standpoint, Victoria Beckham is going to sell out easy and fast. She is marketing very well with her Target collection since so many women look up to her. For Beckham, this will bring more fame since she is basically arriving back out of the shadows. Because she is now a mother of four, women idolize her once again. Even though her collection can be a bit pricey, consumers will probably still buy her items because they are designed by an older generation celebrity that has the same styles as most middle-class women.

Some collaborations fizzle out very quickly and the items will end up in the sale section since they did not sell very well. Target is sure that Victoria Beckham’s clothing will not go through the trouble of that. Her fans will most likely be lining up at the door first thing in the morning. I guess we will all see how well her line will do beginning on Sunday. It will be a good launch.

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