Victoria’s Secret Model Josephine Skriver Talks Lingerie

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Victoria’s Secret Model Josephine Skriver likes to start off her day with matching lingerie. Maybe it’s worth a shot.

“I feel like I walk around a little bit more comfortable and confident when I’m matching, even if I’m wearing something as chill as sweats. Like hey, I may be wearing sweats, but I have on a sexy little red outfit underneath it all that you guys don’t know about—it’s my own little secret,” she tells Elle in a 2018 report. “If I go out on the town and my panty and bra aren’t matching, I won’t be dancing quite as good.”

Victoria’s Secret’s newest collection, Body by Victoria Secret, is the model’s choice when she needs comfort. The lingerie giant’s beloved bra silhouettes, from lace bralettes to racerback and classic styles, now come in vibrant colors with lace and shimmer accents and an array of different cuts to fit your every mood, according to a 2018 Elle report.


Skriver sat down with Elle to answer your burning questions.

Elle asked, “Do you remember what your first bra was?”

“Yeah, it was such a weird experience. I got my boobs really late and I think the only thing I could fit was this Hello Kitty bra and it was slightly traumatizing because there was really not much there. [Laughs] It was a big thing to me to finally get like a matching bra set even though my boobs weren’t fully developed,” said Skriver.

“Tell me a little bit about the new Body by Victoria’s Secret range,” asked Elle.

“I love that the new Body by Victoria’s Secret comes in a bunch of bold colors; you rarely see a collection in these bright colors. The underwear has shimmer and lace, so it just takes an everyday collection and makes it a lot more fun. A lot of people tend to stick to red, black, or nude and this collection is pretty much the complete opposite–and it arrived right in the heart of summer so you feel and look good,” said Skriver.

Elle asked,”What’s your go-to bra type?”

“I live in my sports bra because I’m such an active girl and I love to travel in them. Also, the whole Body by Victoria’s Secret collection because of the different cuts, like lightly lined, push up, etc. I think I’m in the lightly lined department, but sometimes you want a little extra support and I’ll reach for a push-up bra or some days I just want to hide them away and I’ll wear nothing. I think what’s great about this collection is that there’s a bra to fit my every mood of the day, but my every day is probably the t-shirt style,” said Skriver.


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