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Calvin Klein Welcomes Frank Ocean Aboard for Fall 2016 Campaign

If you’re one of those people who are constantly pressed for Frank Ocean updates, you’ll be happy to hear about the artist resurfacing to star in Calvin Klein’s Fall 2016 campaign. He joins the team of models alongside Young Thug, Kate Moss, and Margot Robbie among other big names. Calvin Klein released a video campaign this Wednesday afternoon which featured…

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Lana Del Rey: Music and Videos for an Old-Spirited Generation

Lana Del Rey’s music has a unique sound that echoes of times past and yet resonates with today’s youth. In reflections of her songs, Del Rey’s music videos are the visual realization of that time transcendence. She’s Nancy Sinatra one moment, and then you’re reminded she grew up on hip-hop. Manifesting pop-culture nostalgia and a homage to the history of…

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How YouTube Beauty Gurus Made Life Easier

Up until four or five years ago all beauty techniques and secrets came from four different sources: favorite magazine, the counter lady at Sephora, reliable hairdressers or a fashion forward best friend. Cue the Youtube beauty guru, the answer to having all these factors in one efficient, understandable and easily repeated form. In about six minutes these personalities provide viewers…

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