Vivienne Westwood Rejects Fast Fashion

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With her rocker chic designs and bold attitude, Vivienne Westwood is familiar with making daring statements. Her designs are so highly in demand by models and celebrities because of her unique talents, no doubt leaving her mark on the fashion world. Westwood has had a long list of accomplishments over the years, revolutionizing fashion by raising discussion about fashion’s impact on the environment and throwing co-ed fashion shows, challenging gender norms. However, that isn’t what has the public speaking at the moment. While she has never been one to shy away from standing up for her beliefs, her most recent statements concerning rampant consumerism and its harmful impact of fashion has thrown even her biggest supporters for a loop.

In Zaladno’s Bread & Butter preview, Westwood spoke to a crowd of haute couture fashionistas, giving them some surprisingly bold advice, according to InStyle. “Don’t buy anything,” Westwood said, her simple words stunning the crowd. However, her advice to consumers to not use their credit cards comes from good reasoning. In the past, Westwood has been known for supporting the concept of, “Buy less, choose better, and make it last,” according to Instyle. Westwood appears to be taking this topic to new lengths. “If you want to be bold, you have to make a choice,” she stated. “And at least 50 percent of the people in the world have never made a choice or decision in their lives. They just follow their desire and consume: opinions, McDonald’s, whatever. Buying less and choosing quality means that designers can make better fashion, not just lead by marketing and commercial interests. Fashion is part of culture, but not at the moment.”

Her consumer-targeted comments make one thing very clear: why spend money on products that have a short life when you could spend money on a higher quality product that will last a lifetime? In addition, the newest fast fashion trend hurts people and the environment, with low wages, child labor, massive energy usage, crude oil reliance, and the release of harsh chemicals and pollutants from factories into the environment. Simultaneously, fast fashion is altering the way the consumer thinks, focusing on low prices and cheaply made products instead of supporting the careers of successful designers. Overall, Westwood’s comments come at a crucial time for the fashion industry, where fast fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and potentially has lasting impacts on designers. Only time will tell if Westwood’s passionate words will leave an impact on fashion consumers, but one thing can be certain: fashionistas will be thinking twice before they pull out their credit cards for the summer sales.

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