Waffle House Launches Anti-Belgian Waffle Campaign Before US Game with Belgium


The American breakfast chain, Waffle House, called for no Belgian waffles Monday, one day before the U.S. big day of world cup round-of-16 game against Belgium.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Pat Warner, spokesman of the Georgia-based restaurant, said Waffle House only sells American waffles. He said American waffles are round while Belgian waffles are square. American waffles are also designed to have smaller and shallower indentations that will allow better syrup distribution, he added.

Warner said he did not expect to receive this much attention and feedback from a simple tweet, but he learned how powerful social media is based on this event.

“It really kind of surprised us how quickly it spread,” Warner stated, “It kind of gives a nod to how impactful social media is.”

The tweets were retweeted and favorited by both fans of Waffle House and the world cup.

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