Warner’s Offers Women “No Side Effects” in First TV Commercial

Warner’s debuted their first commercial on television to advertise No Side Effects.

The commercial is set to air from the beginning of June until July 6. It advertises their No Side Effects bra. This is a concept made to prevent “sleev-age”.

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The commercial describes sleev-age as the fat that forms between your arm and the part of your chest your bra won’t cover. The commercial starts off with women naming the different things use to refer to their sleev-age, as well as the different thing sit resembles.

According to PVH, “Warner’s has always been a brand known for innovation, with a goal to make women’s lives easier and more comfortable.”

The new No Side Effects bra does just that for shoppers. Warner’s has a range of collections all designed for women’s comfort and each made to help a different problem a women might face when picking out a bra.

The women then try on the bra, and much to their surprise the cups expand farther up to cover any fat. The website describes it as, “extra side coverage that won’t show”.

Vice President of Marketing of Intimate Appareal at Warner’s parent PVH Corp, Eric Lynn told Women’s Wear Daily, “Television ads are telling her that she needs to be sexy. We wanted to reflect a broad range of ethnicities and body types to represent all American women.”

The commercial is eerily similar to that of a Dove commercial, where “real” women, ones who aren’t normally seen on TV because they aren’t a size 0 with flawless features, are interviewed about a problem that annoys or embarrasses them. It is usually a problem that comes with being a female.

The innovative bra offers “wire free contour” which covers any embarrassing fat, without any of the discomfort.

They also have the “underwire contour” and the “front-close underwire contour”.

The bras come in a variety of different colors ranging from, “pale pink”, “expresso”, “butterscotch and white dot print”, and “platinum”, just to name a few.

Warner’s is also known for their This Is Not A Bra collection from 2010.

According to PVH, “The collection and the history of the bra is an example of how even though fashions continue to change, Warner’s remains an industry leader in providing comfort and style to women everywhere.”

Warner’s was bought by PVH Corp in February 2013. PVH also owns popular brands like Tommy Hilfiger, IZOD, Speedo and Calvin Klein.

Lynn described the purchase of Warner’s as a positive asset to the company. Lynn told Women’s Wear Daily that, “we have had a strong momentum. In 2013 and 2014 we had the most market share growth. We’re on a positive trajectory.”

This new collection and commercial have come a long since the corsets that Warner’s was known for. The theater commercial from 1911 was played before silent movies in theaters, according to Lynn.

The old school commercial claims that it is, “a story of Warner’s fashionable rust-proof corsets guaranteed not to rust, break or tear.”

Even over 100 years ago, Warner’s features a typical, everyday mother with her family. This image is consistently portrayed now in Warner’s advertisements and their website. These women have curves, and look at lot less photo shopped than most advertisements.

The only difference is these corsets start from $1 and up where as the new bras for $20 on Amazon and $40 on Macy’s.

These bras are available to view online, but when you click “buy now” the box will offer you multiple websites. These include Kohl’s, Macy’s, JC Penney, Amazon, and two Canadian websites for Sears and Hudson’s Bay.

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