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You and your partner may love displaying your love to the world; however, the world might think you two are being gross. You should be able to express your love, but you also have to be considerate of other people around you, especially if you don’t know them. Here are a few tips with inspiration from that will help you regulate how much love you show to the public.

Kissing is a wonderful way to be intimate with your partner, but shoving your tongue down each other’s throats in public can be extremely awkward for the strangers around you as well as your friends. “A brief kiss on the cheek” can speak volumes to your significant other because of the surprise and sense of suspense that it evokes. A kiss on the forehead can also be just as passionate as a kiss on the lips because it is a sign of comfort and support. Plus, it is much cuter to witness.


Perhaps you and your partner are serious hand holders in public. Hand holding is fine; however, you have to be aware of your surroundings. If “it’s awkward, dangerous, or impedes traffic,” then you may what to keep your hand to yourself for a moment. Furthermore, “an arm draped around someone is okay when you are sitting or casually strolling through the park.” If you are bumping into other people while trying to hold on to each other, you may be unintentionally preventing the people behind you from getting where they are going. To avoid strangers from hating or yelling at the both of you, pay attention to where you are.


PDA’s aren’t just kissing, hand holding or “groping”—which is never cool in public, but bold declarations of love on social media. Every so often, like a thank you for a thoughtful gift, you can let your partner know you love them. But keep the post extremely short because “you may embarrass the person you love” with a cheesy monologue that they were not expecting.

Again, small displays of affection can be just as big as extreme PDA’s, “a hand placed gently at the small of the back, and an exchanged glance can get the heart pounding and let those around you know that you are a couple without embarrassing them.” So, relax your hormones when you see each other in public and be considerate of the person you are with as well as the people around you. Your partner may not like PD’sA as much as you do, thus holding back the passion and affection can prevent you from humiliating your loved one and yourself.


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