When Elegance Meets Comfort: Re-Defining Business Casual

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It started with a simple hunt for a few staple workpieces that a young businesswoman could wear to the office. It’s a set of attire so common to the modern day working woman that it even has its own name: “business casual”. But for freelance consultant Crystal Ung, finding even a classic pair of business-appropriate pants that would a) fit her comfortably and b) look good within her price range turned into an impossible hunt. Frustrated by the lack of affordable, fashionable workwear for women that wouldn’t impede her daily routine, Ung decided to use her entrepreneurial-savvy skills to create her own brand.

The Make, due to launch this fall, will consist of minimalistic, effortlessly chic pieces in neutral shades of olive, khaki, and navy with pops of white for a clean, office-ready look for women of all ages. The clothes are not only comfortable, but stylish enough to wear straight from the office to a lunch out with friends, a date, or a stroll through the park between lunch hours for an unwind session in the busy life of a businesswoman.


The concept of women in the workforce still has its challenges to

Korean-born writer and student from Vancouver, Canada. Currently studying at Biola University and writing a novel. I like chunky ice cream in almost any flavor except cherry, banana, praline, and chocolate, Chicago mix popcorn, and ube-flavored anything. I have more pink in my wardrobe than Elle Woods and buy more lip products than I should. Active on IG as @theurbanroyal with daily style, life, travel and food inspo.

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