When in Roam – An Original inspired by the Tod’s Campaign #ChiaraLovesTods

Godere della vita! That’s “enjoy life” in Italian, if you were unsure. I was inspired by Tod’s recent ad campaign with Chiara Ferragni for a collection featuring bags, moccasins, and effortless class.

When you’re young, maybe with a streak of rebellion (if you’re lucky), you tend to be less afraid of things. Maybe you’re not, and you’re a shy person, escaping risks, lingering in your comfort zone. You think, “It’s all very risky; what if this, what if that…,” but then a few days, maybe months go by, and a certain prickling feeling happens inside you; it develops, this sense of urgency, restlessness. It’s that feeling you get when you see a beautiful man, and your heart skips a step.  It’s a daring risk. “what if this, what if that…” These words keep coming up.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Alone in your apartment, work is hectic as usual, but a little more monotonous than normal. You feel like you’re absorbed into this loop of repeat. You’re human, you must be set free sometimes, you imagine. Being a single girl in the city is enjoyable, but work has all your concentration. The usual bills go where they need to, money earned is money spent, literally in a week; with your rent, and other bills due all at the same time. But somehow, you have some money saved, because your intuitions told you to, months ago. That eerie instinct consuming you earlier started making sense with the thought of your accumulated savings in the bank.

Seclusion has its privileges. You’re able to think without the noise and pollution of everything else. When your mind wanders, you daydream. Dancers in Morocco, the rain in Paris, geishas in Japan. Geishas were taught to be beautiful, abundantly poised and graceful, but fixed to their heritage of mothers before them. Salerno. What a strange word to startle your mind, halfway through eating noodles, working as usual.

Weeks have passed, and Salerno, Italy, is still the buzzword of the month. Should you go? This is out of your comfort zone, it’s completely insane, illogical! It opposes everything familiar in your life. But something inside you told you to close your eyes, and take a chance. For a single working girl in the city, shy and rebellious as a kid, fear and anxiety is your routine, but as soon as you landed in Salerno, the air was unusual. The wind near the sea felt peculiar. The dress you bought in the thrift store was 80s vintage Victorian floral, fluid and free-flowing. Just like Italy. Your hair wasn’t in a bun for a change, it’s naturally wavy, with a touch of amber. You picked up that pinky-nude lipgloss from Tarte to match the sand on the coastline.

It’s just you and Salerno, you were the mystery to the sea, your fearlessness replaced the fear, and routine washed away with the tide. You felt mischievous, flirting with the mysteries of yourself. Your ornate clutch is all you chose to carry to dinner, as opposed to your chic satchel you left back home. This is the new you. Or maybe this is the side you concealed, guarded with layers of luxury and security of home. Strolling along the charmed streets, laughing to yourself, feeling like you’re drifting. The thrill of the sun, travel, sea, and discovering your hidden soul. Fashion and beauty can only be found where your heart is. It’s a dream-like state of mind, its free and captivating. When you find yourself, that’s when everything falls into place. It’s when you’re able to touch and feel everything around you. It all feels different now. It all makes sense now, this is you.

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