White Bread Just as Healthy as Brown Bread for Some People, Study Finds

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According to the trend of higher economy, there are increasing numbers of individuals who have started paying attention to healthy foods, such as whole-wheat foods. Based on the UK National Food Survey, because of increasing attentions of healthy perception, the sale of whole wheat bread has reached 85 percent, compared to white bread which has reduced to 75 percent since 1974. Due to low nutritional value, white bread is not categorized into healthy food. However, some experts came up with a question, which was that how differences for the reactions are between white bread and whole wheat bread when individuals eat them.

Thus, researchers from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science held an experiment, which was observing the gut bacteria and levels of fat, cholesterol, glucose and significant minerals including calcium and iron from 20 participants after a week of eating the two types of bread respectively. 10 participants ate white bread, and another half of participants ate whole wheat bread. Most researchers thought that the participants eating whole wheat bread should have healthier and positive reactions compared to the participants eating white bread. Nevertheless, the results were surprising. There were no distinct differences between the effects of those types of bread. Researchers explained that the reasons could be several. First, different individuals have different reactions to the same food, which depends on the blend of microbes in their gut. Some individuals could react healthier for whole wheat bread, but some are not. Second, the period of the experiment is short, which is only a week, so the results can not represent long-term effects. Moreover, 20 participants can also not represent every individual in society, and they might change their behaviors during the experiment, which can also affect the results. Dr. Elizabeth Lund, an independent consultant in nutrition, said that “it should not be forgotten that the health benefits of whole grains may be much longer-term than a one week study can show, especially in relation to gut health and prevention of conditions like bowel cancer.”

 It is true that different individuals react differently to the same food. However, junk food is not healthy for almost every individual. Individuals should avoid those kinds of foods. In China, there is a widely-known words, which are individuals must become healthier when they eat every category of foods a little bit.

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