Magda Butrym is a Polish designer who creates clothing for women who want to feel refined, graceful and feel different, not just for the evening, but for any occasion.

Launched in 2014, Magda Butrym started her own label after working as a stylist in the fashion industry for years. Her time as a stylist gave her an idea of what she wanted for her clientele and who her target market was in the first place.

Using the access that she had as a stylist for women who come from various backgrounds, who had different needs according to their body sizes, height, and body shapes. 

Once Magda started making the clothing, she showed her samples to her clients, who then encouraged her to continue. Her brand really gained popularity when influencers on Instagram started wearing her items and tagging her. This rapidly grew the business. 

An example of one of the most influential Instagram figures in fashion, who has championed Magda Butrym- is Tamara Kalinic. The Serbian  influencer, with over 1 million followers. She bought and mentioned Magda Butrym’s items and shared them on her YouTube channel.

Seeing her brand expand, Magda started designing jewelry and accessories, in 2017 they started producing shoes.

Photo: Courtesy of Magda Butrym

To differentiate her brand from the rest, Magda wanted to create everyday pieces that were elevated. People already had so many options when it came to everyday clothing, but Magda felt there was something missing. So, she created a brand that is about making clothes for women who want to look classy and elegant on a daily basis. While also creating evening wear and pieces for special occasions, that had the same feel.

In her words, “The Magda Butrym woman is effortless and confident, as well as unapologetic about her femininity and unafraid to express it through romantic and sensual pieces.”

magda butrym
Photo: Courtesy of Magda Butrym

In every collection the goal is to present a line that exudes “refinement, elegance and sophistication”. Which are the qualities that represent her designs. Whether it is a shoe, a piece of jewelry or a dress. 

Keeping the business successful is Magda’s ability to listen to her clients, which is something she prioritizes. The feedback she gets for each season in each collection, helps her when she is creating the next. Also not being afraid to engage and ask questions, be it to customers or fellow entrepreneurs. And finally, simply observing. The people around her, the industry, everything.

Another contributing factor to the growth of her business is  motherhood. Magda has become more conscious of how different fabrics are meant to complement the body. Obsessing over this particular point, is how she has gotten it right so many times and managed to create a successful collection each season.

magda butrym
Photo: Tatiana + Karol / Courtesy of Magda Butrym

What also made the brand stand out are the Polish origins, which are in the very fact that Magda creates clothing for women who want to dress up. In Poland, it is normal for women to want to dress like they have a special occasion- every day. She went on to hire local craftsmen from various local towns across Poland,  to knit, weave and embroider the materials for the collections. She wanted Polish craftsmanship to show in her designs and garments when they were brought to life.

Magda Butrym is forever growing and is steadily expanding to the rest of the world.

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