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Why Dad Fashion is Officially Cool

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Dads are now at the center of the fashion world. Both streetwear and luxury brands have recently introduced oversized blazers, baggy jeans, big t-shirts, and best of all, “dad shoes.” Vogue calls it “dadcore.”

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Since vintage styles from the past are back in, it makes sense that our fathers’ clothing is now considered trendy. What they used to wear back then, and maybe still wear now, is cool. Even GQ declared that “the coolest sneakers to buy right now are the ones your dad already owns.”

So what on earth made orthopedic footwear, baggy jeans, and tucked-in t-shirts “cool?”

Well, there’s actually a logical explanation for it. Dad fashion has been described as the “retired millennial” look, which tells other people that the dad-fashion wearer is relaxed and comfortable with himself.

“Dad style” isn’t normally considered sexy, so when you able to feel confident in such unflattering attire, you might be on to something.

Dad-inspired clothing is also about wanting things that aren’t branded. It’s about faded colors that signal a history of the garment. Brands like Patagonia and Off-White have made a number of pieces that embrace the dad culture. Oversized sweatshirts and chunky sweatshirts have become increasingly popular, and no one should be complaining. This is probably the most comfortable trend we’ve seen yet.

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And it doesn’t look like the trend is stopping any time soon. Even Mom’s fashion is back in style. High-waisted jeans are everywhere, and the famous “mom shorts” have been making lots of appearances. At least for now, it seems our parents’ clothing is just about the coolest there is.

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