Winter 2017 Zodiac Fashion Feature: The Limitless Horizon of the Sagittarian

Some of the most influential people we meet maintain a stimulating urgency in the very essence of their being, the ones with an incontestable outlook of life. With busy agendas, people tend to displace themselves in the monotonous of routine, ungratefully blotting out all the small victories rewarded for us. What if you started to pay attention to your surroundings and observed how “lucky” you actually were for those blessings in disguise? For many, financing the work-life balance can help achieve that Zen-like mentality to better steer towards the end goal, the perception of never worrying about anything ever again, or at least omitting anxiety altogether to spotlight the final destination. Why stress about things anyway? What will worry achieve?

The Sagittarians’ symbol is the judicious archer, aiming high at the target, symbolizing the Sagittarian audacity. A motivator, the life of the party, the helping hand, summoning the inquisitive charmer. These are traits the Sagittarian possess, with imagination constantly on the move, this star sign frequently yawns with the mundane ordinary. What I personally love about the mythical quirks of the coy Sagittarian is their desire to escape from the prosaic, with nothing to lose, constantly searching for something better. What’s puzzling is they usually do, in unexpected places. How do we eliminate our inbred inhibitions? Do we still search for greater understanding with versatility?

He has good survival skills that he applies in every aspect of life whether it be at work or when he’s playing games. He has the energy and patience to withstand whatever is thrown his way. Surprisingly, he usually has a backup plan.

Much like fire igniting everything it embraces, the warmth yet arouses all the surrounding elements it’s triggered by. They endure, until they can, absorbing everything around the Sagittarian’s catalyst. The fire of passion remains with the straight-shooter, the unforeseen moments, all driven by chance and a single spark. The archer soars high, his ravenous eyes steady on the prize: a long transit to a prosperous life. For them, their own soul is their lifelong companion. With this optimistic sign at the helm, every moment of life can feel like pure magic!

The energy of the Sagittarian can be conspicuous, yet they’re seemingly welcoming of fate and the ultimate end to all things, giving the Sagittarian the skill to adapt to change, utilizing all of life’s adventurous lessons into practice. What others may think is sheer amusement of day-to-day gaiety, are in fact exercises for the untamed archer, wise with sense of familiarity in aberration. With the fictitious tales of astrological auspices, we as perseverant artisans can achieve and strive for the Sagittarian grit, the gift of seeing the absurdity of human nature.

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