Image: Via Flickr/Jeff Kubina

Quite often we hear in health and fitness magazines that we need to eat right, get plenty of fluids and workout regularly to achieve longevity. Some of us even take a break from our regular diet plan to indulge in a delicious serving of fries or a cheesy slice of pizza.

However, one particular woman sort of went ahead and indulged in unhealthy ways and managed to beat the odds. Agnes Fenton, who turns 110 years old, actually admitted to drinking three beers and a shot almost every day for a long time now.

Fenton says she doesn’t drink like that every day and is not very bibulous as she eats much less these days. Fenton claims that her doctor recommended that she drink that way and she followed her doctor’s orders for about 70 years apparently.

Fenton drank about three Miller High Life’s and a glass of whiskey almost every day. However, even though the regime worked well for the centenary, it may cause adverse effects for another. Considering that each one’s body works differently, the daily intake of alcohol could cause great damage.

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