Women’s Haircut Styles: Curly

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Natural curly locks are becoming an all new rage. Those with straight hair are wishing they had the natural big volume and tight curls that come with having curly hair.

However, having naturally curly hair could be a pain when styling it. No combing through it or else you will have a poofy frizz ball on top of your head. You must find a million products to stop any frizz when it dries.

The biggest struggle can be cutting it. Many hair stylist are reluctant when dealing with curly hair because cut it too short and you can have a mess, but with no layers it can look plain and heavy.

No worries: curly haircuts are becoming easier with a growing love for big, poofy hair.


via Flickr/Anatties

Take a look at singer Beyonce; she embraces her head of curls. For curly heads with long and thick hair, go for long layers because your hair will weigh down, preventing it from looking heavy on the bottom. This is easy to pull of but can be a lot of hair to deal with when styling.

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