10 Questions Not to Ask During an Interview

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You got the interview -perfect. Now, for your interview preparation. What you wear and how you present yourself is important, but what you say is possibly what you should be most concentrated on. There’s also the portion of the interview, usually at the end, when you are asked if you have any questions. While you should always have questions prepared, there are several you should probably refrain from asking. Here are 10:

1. Where will my office be? Where will my desk be? Who will I be sitting next to?
Do not assume you will have your own office- you do not want to appear pretentious. As for where your desk will be located or who you will be sitting next to, this is not important; both your desk and your neighbor will be introduced in due time. Remember, you are not high maintenance and you get along with absolutely everybody, at least this is what your employer should believe.

2. When can I start using my vacation days?
Vacation days, really? You haven’t even started working and you want to be on vacation? That is basically what your boss will be thinking if you decide to ask about this, so don’t.

3. What are your policies on arriving late?
You should always, or at least try your best to, arrive early or on time. Tardiness is unacceptable at most jobs so you do not want to give someone the idea that you’re irresponsible.

4. Are there free lunches?
You can ask this if it’s a joke and your interview has gone well and you are certain your interviewer will see it as a joke. Otherwise, assume your lunch is on you every day.

5. How many breaks do I get and what are their time limits?
Do not allow a boss to think that your coffee, cigarette or bathroom habits will get in the way of your work. When it comes to your lunch break, do not ask how long it will be until  your first day.

6. How much money are your bonuses?
Money is important and, while the interviewer may discuss salary with you at some point, you should probably not go too deep into this conversation. It is way too early for bonus talk, first you have to work for it.

7. How many sick days do I get?
Are you planning on being sick any time soon? Unless you have a preexisting condition that has been made known to your employer, try to show that you will be at work and working hard every day.

8. How strict is your dress code?
Assume it’s super strict. Don’t try to push the limits, especially in the beginning. If you have to question whether your skirt is too short or if your top is showing too much cleavage, then you shouldn’t wear them. Asking this question could give the bosses the wrong impression about where your mind is at during work hours.

9. Do you have casual Friday’s?
You will find out once you start the job. During the interview, this question is pointless and like the previous question, it will only misguide the interviewer about your priorities.

10. What’s your policy on interoffice dating?
If you must do it, keep this as low key as possible. The question will not help your cause here. Remember, a job is not a dating service. However, if you so happen to meet someone, then so be it.

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