11 Health and Beauty Habits Mom Was Right About

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You know the saying, “mother is always right.” Although its not always true, let’s face it: it is for the most part. Moms, grandmas, aunts and all the other influential women in your life growing up have had a hand in the habits you use today -in ways you sometimes don’t even notice. With Mother’s Day closing in, here’s a small tribute to the wisdom mom imparted onto you –11 pieces of advice regarding health and beauty habits that they were oh-so right about.

Via flickr/ Beth Scupham

Via flickr/ Beth Scupham

1. Sit Straight.
Remember the constant reminder to sit straight? Mom always made sure to drill the importance of good posture into your brain, whether it was by verbally telling you or giving you a discreet nudge to your back. Not only will this prevent backaches, but in the long term it helps your muscles, joints, breathing and digestion. On top of that, a person with good posture usually exudes confidence.

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