15 Ways to Work on Self Acceptance

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Being a human being is sometimes tough. We each have little critics in our head pointing out every little fault we possess. Eventually, it gets really tiring to wallow in self-pity all the time. You want to at least like yourself because you’re you. You are going to be the same person most always unless you do something to change it. So here are fifteen ways on how you can work towards self-acceptance.

1. Work Towards Positivity: If you are always thinking negatively, that is all there is going to be. Try to switch around the way you think. Instead of bashing yourself with negative criticisms, turn them into something constructive. You are going to be on time today. You are going to kill it on that test.

2. Redirect the Focus: When you look back towards the past, things jump out. You said that stupid thing, made a stupid move. It all seems as if everything you have ever done is wrong. Allow yourself to admit that you were doing the best you could. This will really help you to accept what you have done or will do.

3. Address What is Wrong: If you feel as if you’re a piece of garbage, that’s not right. Try to delve into your thoughts. What exactly is making you feel this way? Perhaps it is a relationship. Or it might even just be yourself. Be truthful with yourself. Seek help from friends, family or a health care professional if you cannot seem to get better.

4. Be Honest: Everyone is stupid at one point or another. Everyone has problems and is stressed with their own life. You are not a random, lonely alien in a sea of humans. You are alike to everyone else in so many ways. It is not abnormal to at points have rough times with self-acceptance. So do not single yourself out to the only one that mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, all the time!

5. Focus on Strengths: You are uniquely beautiful. You have strengths and a beautiful mind in which no one else possesses. Celebrate your individuality and strengths. Notice how well you do in certain activities. Allow yourself to feel good about doing well.

6. Allow Forgiveness: Accept your shortcomings and work towards improving them. Or work towards improving upon your strengths. Let yourself forgive for past shortcomings. Focus more towards the future and the present. When you truly acknowledge what has happened, you will be more in the present. You are making a plan to grow rather than to stay where you are.

7. A Support System: In the time when you dislike yourself, people around you can encourage self-love. That can be anyone whom you feel lights the spark of happiness within you. Seeking help and encouragement from a health care professional might be a consideration as well. It does not mean you are weird, or wrong. Just simply, you wish to improve yourself with more carefully designed strategies. Do what makes you feel the best. So do try to work towards obtaining a strong support system for yourself.

8. Look at Others: When others make mistakes, we do not judge them as harshly. Yet when it comes to ourselves, we crack down on criticism. View yourself in your mind as you would a different person. How would you feel if they had done the same thing? You might not even have noticed or been concerned. You might of, in fact, helped them along. Therefore, whatever you have done may not be as bad as you make it out to be.

9. Volunteer Work: One way to make you feel as if you have done some good is to do good. Volunteering makes a path for you to work towards helping others. This might also help to improve your view of yourself because you are doing good. It makes everyone feel good all around. Plus, there are so many opportunities to do so many things. You can work with children, animals, the elderly or even build something. Look at what you think would be best for you and go for it.

10. Notice Patterns: Pay attention to your thought processes. Where do your thoughts go after certain activities? Is there any particular point in the day where you feel worse? Let yourself direct thoughts into more positive and constructive ways. If one thing seems to trigger negative feelings, try to address it. Suppressing your emotions is not good. So work towards a system of awareness that works for you.

11. Calm Down: Give yourself some time to relax. Do not get overly emotional because one thing did not fit into place. Accept the present for what it is. Give yourself time to calm yourself and find some peace. This can help because you will not be caught up in the stressful moment. You also might be able to better understand the situation and yourself after you are calm.

12. Meditate: This might allow you the time you need to address your thoughts. You can try meditating on your own or a guided one. You can find many guided meditation videos on Youtube or through Podcasts. Find one that really helps you address your thoughts and relax. It might be worth a shot to try. After all, it is just another direction of your thoughts.

13. Experiment: Do not limit yourself to a boring daily routine. Go out, meet new people, and have fun. The world is always waiting just outside your door. The reason you maybe self-loathing is because you are not trying anything new. You need to challenge yourself and your views. Experiment with different activities like sports and art. Find something new that you are passionate about.

14. You Don’t Have to Be Great: Struggling with things is okay. Everyone has a set of strengths and weaknesses. Remember, being the best at everything is not important. The important thing is that you tried something new. Over time you will get better the more you try to learn and practice. Allow yourself the opportunity to fail and this includes times to succeed.

15. Change: The act of changing yourself can be difficult. You need a support system, motivation, and willpower in order to make the change. Yet if you are serious about going for a more positive, fulfilling life, then go for it. No one is standing in your way but you. Take the time and opportunity to make a change. Feel free to take it slow and enjoy yourself.


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