2015’s Most Wearable Women’s Spring Fashion Dresses

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It is the middle of spring and some might already have their perfect spring dresses. But for those in the colder states like New York and beyond the month is just getting warmer. Here are some examples of spring dresses that are sure to fit in anyone’s closet.

Vogue reports a spring 2015 trend that has already been making its way. Bridal inspired looks, whether you are making your way down the aisle or not, looks great on a dress. A white dress with small lace detail will be easy for anyone to pull off.

Floral print dresses because it is spring. Just as “The Devil Wears Prada” star Miranda Priestly has said, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” Florals are not going anywhere anytime soon so go with a modern design with a larger flower pattern.

You may not think it is unbelievable but the two-piece dress is for everyone. With the crop tops that came out in spring 2015 fashion week by designers with completely different styles like the elegant Oscar de la Renta, sporty Marc Jacobs and sophisticated Michael Kors. They have paved the way for a crop top that will suit all styles and paired it with a matching skirt; it is a two for one.

Denim, yes even in a dress. The denim look has expanded from pants to jackets to dresses for all Americans. This both 70’s and 90’s style is back and with the right subtle accessories, do not be worried of the heavy material. Gucci sure did not back at their spring 2015 fashion shows showing off their 70’s inspired collection.

Of course with Coachella just passing the Boho style is a big hit this spring. But even before the big festival it was already projected that these long flowy dresses coming from designer Vera Wang and Tommy Hilfiger’s would be an effortless and comfortable pick for the season.


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