3 Questions Readers Need to Ask Themselves When Reading Beauty Articles!

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Hello, beauty fans! The internet is often a boon but can sometimes be a curse. There is so much misinformation out there in the beauty community it can be rather difficult at times to tell who really knows their stuff and who is just blowing smoke you know where! Today I am going to run through a little checklist to make sure when you are perusing the net for beauty rich content you are taking tips from credible pros not fakes! So as always grab your favorite drink, settle in, and let’s talk beauty!

There are 3 main things you need to ask yourself when reading a beauty article in order to know if a source is credible or not.

Question 1 Is There a Bio? (If not will the writer provide one?)

Usually, a writer who is credible will often have a little blurb about themselves on the writing platform they utilize. The bio is a snapshot into what makes the writer a subject matter expert. If they don’t have it visible underneath their articles there is usually a link to either a different area on the site or a separate website completely that is dedicated to that writer which contains that information. If one is not visible on the site, if you ask the writer they should have no problem providing that to you! Why does a bio matter? Think back to your college days, when writing papers you had to find credible sources to make sure the information you had was accurate right? Same thing here. For example, would you really want to take tips on how to clean your gun from someone who wasn’t a subject matter expert in that field? Not me! A little extreme to be sure since we are talking about beauty but you get my point.

The same goes for beauty. If a beauty writer is giving you makeup tips you better make sure they are either in the industry currently or have been in the industry previously for a good amount of time. Just because you copy and paste tips from the internet doesn’t mean the sources the writer grabbed from are credible.

I still actually work in the industry as well, so I have my finger on the heartbeat of the industry and will know trends before they even happen. Does that mean I know everything? No. There is always more that an artist can learn. Does it mean you would be safer and have more success taking beauty tips from me versus some who just copies and pastes internet content to their articles, and has no experience in the field? DEFINITELY!

Question 2 Has the writer written numerous articles on the subject?

If a writer is a subject matter expert they should have multiple articles written pertaining to said subject matter, not just one or two here and there. Most of their articles should be about beauty, be it tips and tricks, product recommendations, product launches, tutorials, etc. All should have a common theme! If a writer normally writes about fashion or celebrities then all of sudden starts doing beauty articles and giving you tips without crediting the source(especially if they have no beauty background) that would be a red flag!

The only exception to this would be if the writer was a makeup artist. If they were giving you tips and tricks that they have found worked on their own clients, then obviously they wouldn’t have to cite a source since this is from their own firsthand experience.

Question 3 Do they have their own voice or do they copy others?

Every writer has their own style be it serious, quirky, obnoxious, assertive, etc. I myself, am quirky! If you find that a writer is writing eerily similar articles to other writers in the field that is something to be concerned about. How does it speak to that person’s character if they copy another person’s voice/style, formatting, etc.? It just shows me that the individual is content with ripping off another writer. So then are the tips they are spouting also being ripped off from an industry pro, and they aren’t crediting said pro with the knowledge that they themselves lack? Food for thought my beauty fans!

Always be wary and research your writers. Granted, there are only so many ways you can do a smoky eye, contour your face (which we are starting to head away from in the industry btw), do winged eyeliner etc. By the way for the love of all that is holy, please do not use a pair of scissors, ESPECIALLY the sharp end as a template to do winged eyeliner, can we say dangerous much?! I saw a video pop up of that and I literally spit out my drink! If you aren’t sure how to practice a technique watch YouTube videos from actual makeup artists i.e. people that have worked in the industry as paid artists and have done makeup on other people NOT just themselves! Some of my favorites are Jaclyn Hill, Crispy, Ashley Wagner (who worked at the MAC location I started at btw), Mac Daddy, etc. These are all artists who have worked at the counter or in store so they know what works for different skin tones, skin types, eye shapes etc. I love you all and I hope that you all are wary of all beauty related content especially from writers with no industry experience!

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    And yet, Erin Jimenez. At the bottom of this article, you do not have a bio. Not even a byline.

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