4 Ways to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship

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Often times you can be in a relationship and there is trust, communication, honesty and loyalty, but there just isn’t any fizzle. There is no excitement. If your relationship is lacking the WOW factor, give these tips a go.

1. Whatever you did to get them, do not stop

via photospin

via photospin

In the pursuant of starting a relationship, you wined and dined her, cooked him dinner, and bought each other random “I love you” gifts. But after the relationship was solidified or after you guys got too comfortable, all of that honeymoon affection went out the door. Now you are coming home to nasty take out every night, or the gifts are only given on Christmas, if that. Keep each other on your toes by being spontaneous and romantic every so often. Surprise her with the flowers like you used to, or bring him lunch on his lunch breaks. Just do not stop.

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