5 Hair Trends Of 2015

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Hairstyles are constantly changing. Some women like lots of volume and others prefer pen straight hair. Here are 5 Hair Trends Of 2015 that are prevalent in society right now.

Tousled Topknot

The tousled topknot gives off an effortless look. The hair is pulled back into a messy bun. To achieve this look simply put hair into a loose ponytail then loosely twist the hair around the base and secure it with pins. A controlled messy hairstyle is always in style.

Lilac Hair

This hairstyle seemed unlikely to become popular but sprung up as the new trend. Lilac hair color with a silver tint has many people buying purple and silver hair dye. To get this look, one must bleach their hair blonde first, then use a silverish purple hair dye.

Ombre Highlights

Ombre hairstyles have remained the hottest hair color trend. This trend adds dimension to your hair and looks great. You can go from dark to light ombre and softer grades that are in between.

Shells & Loc Jewelry

Adding jewelry can instantly make any outfit look a bit more glamourous. It is no different when it comes to one’s hair. Loc jewelry, or hair jewelry, is a style that has always been around and is still very popular.

Cascading Curls

Cascading curls gives the effect of lots of hair and is very stylish. This updo is achieved by first pulling the hair back at the height you want. Then, get a curling rod and hair pins and place the curls over and around the base of the hair.

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