5 People in Your Office

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Maybe you know these people. Maybe you are one of these people. Or maybe you’re several of them at once. There’s nothing wrong with these traits, they’re just definitely recognizable.

The model

You can’t help admiring this person, even if you’re faintly envious. He or she always looks put together and crisp in the morning, nothing like sleep time of three hours, lost keys, and behind on laundry. It doesn’t matter if they wear athletic shirts and headbands or heels and suit jackets. They never have a hair out of place, exude their own style, and appear to carry it off effortlessly.

The snacker

This person is just always hungry. In order to cope with perpetual appetites, snackers have an arsenal of delicious looking munchables on hand at all times, and pull out a new treat every couple of hours. If you’re not this person, then this person makes you hungry, too.

The grapevine

If there’s something to be known, this person knows it. For some reason, this person is just a social hub. People like this enjoy talking to others, and others enjoy their conversation. Because of this they’re a constant source of information about job tasks and about other office goings-on; you know who to ask when you have a question.

The resident

As far as you can tell, this person lives at their desk. Maybe there are always big projects on the line. Maybe this person’s a workaholic. But some people never seem to leave; they’re working when everyone else arrives and still at it when the rest leave, and you’re not entirely persuaded that they’re real. Or that they sleep.

The diet saboteur

This person, having a socially benevolent soul, expresses it in food, or has relatives who do. Disregarding the healthy resolutions of fellow coworkers, the diet saboteur is always depositing snacks in the breakroom, and offering desktop treats. It’s all well meant, but it’s terrible around midway through January, when resisting healthy-diet-breaking goodies gets really hard.

I'm a lover of words in all forms, sweatshirts in all conditions, and God in all circumstances. I particularly enjoy working collaboratively on the written word and wearing microfiber robes (preferably at the same time). Most of the time I don't get enough sleep, but I make a valiant effort.

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