Acid Attack Victim Becomes a Beloved Model in New York’s Fashion Week

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History has been made in this year’s New York Fashion Week, when Reshma Bano Qureshi, a nineteen-year-old Indian acid burn victim, starred as the opening model for FTL Moda’s runway show.

Qureshi, who has previously never left her home country until she decided to attend this year’s New York Fashion Week, exhibited her courageousness and determination while wearing a beautiful long sleeved striped white gown by Mumbi-based designer Archana Kochhar. Qureshi’s colorful outfit was also topped with an intricate silver tiara that was also specifically designed for her catwalk premiere.

Two years ago, Reshma Bano Qureshi endured a brutal acid attack in Northern India by her brother-in-law that unfortunately left Qureshi without her left eye and left her with disfiguring facial scars.

Although Qureshi refuses to identify as a victim, but as a strong survivor and has dedicated herself to helping other acid attack survivors. Qureshi created the Make Love Not Scars campaign and also is involved in The Logical Indian organization to protest the sales of harmful over-the-counter acid products.

During Qureshi’s Beauty Tips by Reshma online videos, the nineteen-year-old has commented that every day a girl becomes another acid attack victim. She pleads during the videos for woman all over the world to join her cause to end acid attacks by signing a petition #EndAcidSale. Reportedly in India every year, there are about 1,000 cases of acid attacks, which woman as the sole target for these types of attacks. The Make Love Not Scars campaign has recently reported statistical information that acid attacks have actually increased 250 percent since 2012- 2014.

A few months ago when Qureshi learned that she was going to star in a New York Fashion Week runway, she commented to her fans in a candid video that she was so happy and excited for the chance to model for Fashion Week.

Reshma Bano Qureshi was a part of FTL Moda’s collection of Fashion Week shows that celebrated diversity with their hashtag #TakeBeautyBack campaign. FTL Moda also invited Madeline Stuart, a beloved model with Down syndrome, and Shaholly Ayers, a congenital amputee model, to the fashion show runway last Thursday.

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