Adele Announces Marriage at Concert

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Rumor had it that Adele was married. Speculations around the wedding band that the singer was wearing toward the end of 2016 now have an answer, according to Wonderwall. Adele and Simon Konecki have tied the knot.

Adele made the official announcement on March 4, when she was speaking at a Brisbane, Australia concert. She talked about experiencing heartbreak, and about the time when she was writing the song “Someone Like You.” She described the way people responded to the music and said that despite the bitterness and hurt that can come from a breakup, the feelings from the start of a relationship were the spark of inspiration for her. Those feelings, she said, were the best on earth, and she found them addicting and wanted to go back to them.

Then she told the audience that she wouldn’t experience those feelings again because she was now married. She did not say when the wedding took place, and Konecki has been silent on the date as well. Speculations are that it was sometime near Christmas. Konecki had also been spied with a ring near the start of this year.

During her Grammy Album of the Year acceptance speech for 25, Adele referenced a “husband,” but did not confirm that there was a wedding, or that the husband was Konecki. The 28-year-old singer and Konecki have been together since around 2012, according to New York Daily News.

Although rumors were flying after the “husband” drop, Adele referred to Konecki as her partner in later interviews backstage, keeping a tight lid on the couple’s status as she had before. However, she had previously said in a Vanity Fair interview that she was more serious about Konecki than anyone she’d ever been in a relationship with, and the couple also has a son together, 4-year-old Angelo.

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