After Alleged Bullying, Tiffany Trump Answers Whoopi Goldberg’s Supportive Seating Invite

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Whoopi Goldberg criticized attendees of the Philipp Plein fashion show for tweets regarding 23-year-old Tiffany Trump, according to ABC.

On Feb. 13, Christina Binkley, a fashion writer with a verified Twitter account, who used to write a Wall Street Journal style column, tweeted “Nobody wants to sit next to Tiffany Trump at Philipp Plein, so they moved and the seats by her are empty.” She added two pictures of Trump and the comment “Empty seats next to Tiffany Trump.”

The tweets became viral, and Goldberg said that there was a difference between economic action like boycotting Trump brands, such as Ivanka Trump’s fashion lines, and refusing to sit next to Tiffany Trump when she was “just looking at fashion.” The fashion show was not to talk politics, Goldberg said, but to look at clothing.

Goldberg also criticized the fashion editors from Elle magazine, “a magazine that says it’s a women’s magazine,” who allegedly moved away from Trump. Goldberg also said she would sit with Trump at future shows. “I’ve been there,” she said, describing how others have refused to sit next to her.

Trump herself responded on Wednesday to Goldberg’s invitation, tweeting “Thank you @Whoopie Goldberg I’d love to sit with you too!”

Designer Philipp Plein also spoke in support of Trump, asking if a daughter should be held responsible for her father’s politics, the International Business Times reported. He added that his fashion show was open to anyone who wanted to come.

Three days after the viral tweets from the show, on Feb. 16, Binkley tweeted “Of all the stories done on my viral Tiffany Trump empty-seats tweet, not one news org has interviewed me to ask what happened. Urban legend.”

She also wrote “The two seats remained empty for about 2 minutes before others sat there. Then Philipp Plein’s sister made them move so she could sit there.”

Some responses on Twitter were critical, however, because Binkley did not clarify the same day.

Regardless of the events at Philipp Plein, Trump had company at the Vivienne Tan show, where she sat with Andrew Warren and Reya Benitez, according to International Business Times.

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