And the Bachelorette’s Final Rose Went To…

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Aaron Rodgers! Oh, no wait sorry, we meant his little brother Jordan. Easy mistake as most of Jordan’s airtime on The Bachelorette was spent talking about his ‘complicated’ relationship with NFL quarterback brother, Aaron.

Still via ABC/ The Bachelorette

Still via ABC/ The Bachelorette

Even Bachelor Nation’s longtime and beloved host, Chris Harrison, promised some insight into the feuding family’s personal affairs during the finale’s ‘After the Final Rose’ episode. But like what JoJo said to Robby Hayes, sorry but no.

In the dramatic two-hour finale, we watched bachelorette Joelle Fletcher introduce her family to the final two men. In a surprising turn of events, JoJo’s outspoken brothers (see Ben Higgins’ hometown date last season) took a backseat to mama Fletcher, who didn’t ask but demanded a promise from both Robby and Jordan that they wouldn’t dare break her daughter’s heart.

A tall order, but one that Robby embraced wholeheartedly as he asked both parents’ permission to marry their daughter. Whether pre-proposal jitters or a simple oversight, Jordan left the family meet-and-greet without said permissions – obviously sending JoJo on yet another rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Let’s look back, though. Who didn’t know at the mere sight of the two men’s final letter to JoJo the outcome of the show? Come on, Robby. A crumpled piece of loose leaf (without even the edges torn off neatly) pales in comparison to Jordan’s personal stationery enclosed in a gold envelope. JoJo even used Robby’s love letter as a fan in the midst of the bachelorette’s third breakdown of the day.

And if you’re like us, you kept an eye out during the ‘Here’s What’s Coming Next’ scenes, to try and decipher which man was wearing that shade of blue suit when JoJo said, “I can’t let you get down on one knee.” But Bachelor Nation executives were one step ahead of us, as they dressed both men in a navy hue. Clever, Chris Harrison, clever.

As we saw Robby step out of the car, hopeful and ready to propose to the woman of his dreams, fans were met with an ultra cringe-worthy scene as Hayes poured his heart out to the bachelorette only to receive a crushing rejection.

Still via ABC/ The Bachelorette

Still via ABC/ The Bachelorette

“Robby, I woke up this morning, wanting it to be you,” JoJo says. She didn’t mention that her mother and entire family wanted that too. “Everyday I’ve been wanting it to be you. I fell in love with you – but for some reason my heart is somewhere else,” JoJo admits. And in the truest fashion of the heart wants what the heart wants, JoJo sent Robby off in the car to only have her fourth and thankfully final meltdown of the day.

After the nation witnessed Jordan’s romantically staged beach proposal, the newly engaged couple joined the ‘After the Final Rose’ special to officially announce the end of their on-screen romantic journey. The happiness was short lived as Chris Harrison acknowledged the hardships Jordan and JoJo have had to face since the proposal, with headlines calling Jordan a ‘fraud’ and rumors of Joelle still in love with her ex Chad. Thankfully, not the meathead and Bachelor in Paradise star Chad Johnson.

Despite the salacious press, the couple was proud to announce that Jordan’s bags were packed. Rodgers says, “We have a house in Dallas, we’re moving in right after this.” Quite literally, the couple reiterated during their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

As Kimmel christened the couple “JoJoJo” the two told the late-night host that after a quick flight to Nashville to pick up Jordan’s bed, the couple will road trip to Dallas and christen a house of their very own.

While Kimmel had them in the hot seat, Jordan and JoJo also played a newlywed game to test each other’s knowledge of one another. And despite the harsh criticism of Jordan’s fame-seeking intentions, the couple seemed to know quite a bit about one another. Albeit, the names of each other’s grandparents (both living and deceased).

At the end of the journey, JoJo went with her heart. Despite her family’s best intervention, the nation’s intuition and thousands of rag mag rumors that told the bachelorette otherwise. JoJoJo seems happy and ready to start their new lives together.

Jordan even said, “Yeah we’ve talked about [wedding plans]. Next year.”

We’re expecting a well-orchestrated ceremony in the Dallas Cowboys stadium, courtesy of Chris Harrison productions. Stay tuned!

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