Anna Sui Brings Whimsical Charm to the Runway at NYFW

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Anna Sui showed her Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2017 designs at New York Fashion Week Feb. 15. The collection carried a carnival feel, and was full of furs, velvets, and enough colors to fill a bazaar.

Sui combines the vintage with modern for a twist on both, according to her site. Sui says that when something catches her interest, she wants to understand it entirely, and she puts her research into her fashions.

This show saw ample use of pinks and burgundies, glittery gold embellishments, and mixed floral patterns.

Heavy fur coats in pink and blue, lacing boots and ankle-strap pumps, black lace, fringy skirts and even more fur—the collection was a whirl of glamour and retro. It was shown to a soundtrack of upbeat tunes, and borne down the runway by models with spring in their steps. Playful pieces like cat’s eye glasses in fuchsia and rakishly tilted hats, or thick medallioned belts, accessorized the wardrobe.

Whether full velvet suits, lace bloomers, or brightly patterned tights, the jazzy collection showcased a creative marriage of the classic and the current.

Although the collection is often whimsical, the luxurious makes its way in as well. Pieces included a gold dress with a ruffled collar paired to a fur coat, a puff-sleeved velour jacket emblazoned in spangles, and a dark plum coat over an airy dress with a green lamé pattern.

Some pieces recalled a jazz-age influence, especially the fringed skirts reminiscent of flapper dresses. Others seemed to draw on a Victorian influence, with muttonleg sleeves, cravat-like ruffles, black lace, and capes. Infused into the classic design elements were cheerful florals, sparkly pants, and sheers.

Sui, a Detroit native, started dreaming of being a designer when she was four years old. She attended the Parsons School of Design and in 1981 debuted her own designs. Now she sells her work throughout more than 30 countries, and there are Anna Sui boutiques in eight different countries.

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