Anne Hathaway is Open to Star in a Catwoman Spinoff Film

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Anne Hathaway in a recent press interview has claimed that she is interested in returning to the DC Comic Universe in a Catwoman spinoff movie.

At the Toronto Film Festival interview, Hathaway answered questions about her upcoming sci-fi action film Colossal and her other possible acting gigs. Hathaway stated that she would love to tackle the Selina Kyle character again, even though she admits it might be difficult.

The past The Dark Knight Rises actress stated that she loved to play her Catwoman character and would love to revisit her again. Although Hathaway commented that she wouldn’t know how it would work because the Chris Nolan chapter of the Batman saga is done. The actress claims that her character was a part of the happy ending Nolan’s Bruce Wayne got when the film trilogy was over and it would be weird to restart that story again.

Even with all the possible challenges to reopen the Catwoman storyline, Hathaway states that she loves DC Universe and would be open to taking a trip back to the beloved character she played in The Dark Knight Rises.

With the upcoming Batman stand-alone film and the expanding Warner Brothers DC comic film series, Hathaway was asked if she felt possessive of the Catwoman role. The actress commented that she can’t be possessive over the role because of how the film industry works. Hathaway claims that once she accepted the role in the 2012 film, she was blessed by the last two actresses who played Catwoman, Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Hathaway claimed that because she was given so much generosity from Berry and Pfeiffer, she commented that she would do the same for the next woman who will portray the next Catwoman.

Although there has been no news of a possible Catwoman film, Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Batman film has recently cast Joe Manganiello as the main antagonist character Deathstroke. Anne Hathaway’s role in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, is arguably one of the best portrayals of Catwoman that has ever been seen on film.

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