Are The Value Meals Worth Their Value?

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McDonald’s are being sued for the prices of their value meals that seem to not be such a value.

According to plaintiff James Gertie, the value meal that consists of two cheeseburgers, medium fries, and a soft drink cost 41 cents more than if you just ordered all the items individually off of the regular menu according to the Cook County Record.

The suit was filed against a Mcdonald’s in the suburbs of Chicago, IL where reports say that McDonald’s advertised a food combination as a value meal. Even though the combination actually cost more together than bought separately.

McDonald’s prices can vary across countries they are mainly franchises that are operated independently.

“According to Postmates, a two-cheeseburger meal costs $5.99 in Manhattan. However, if you order two cheeseburgers, a medium fries, and a soft drink individually, it’ll only cost you $5.86 stated, in the Business Insider.”

It would be cheaper to avoid buying the value meal and just getting all the items individually, McDonald’s did not comment on the lawsuit so make sure what you’re buying is actually a value meal.

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