Beauty Web Series “Kiss Off” Hosted By Hayley Williams

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When you think of a beauty web series, you probably think about makeup tutorials. Perhaps you search for looks that a lot of starlets have and try to mimic that. Maybe you even learn how to contour and highlight your face, but that is not what Hayley Williams intends for her web series. Williams, the lead singer of pop punk band Paramore, has had a very unique look since the inception of her band. She has dyed her hair all different colors, cut it into different styles, and her makeup has always been spunky and fun, much like her own personality.

The point of Williams’ web series, titled “Kiss Off,” focuses on having more fun with makeup. In the first episode, Williams and the makeup artist, Brian J. O’Connor, recreate a look from the movie “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.” This is a film about a group of girls who start a punk band, something that Williams can relate to. The look is very Bowie-esque with bright colors and a different way of wearing eye makeup. In the episode, O’Connor uses a lip liner instead of an eye pencil or eye shadow to create the look on Williams’ eye.

After the look is complete, Williams then tries to figure out what to do with such a cool makeup look. She ends up just hanging out at her house and dancing around. Williams shows us all that makeup can be fun to play with, even if you don’t have anywhere to go! The first episode of “Kiss Off” has already launched on popular tv and you can learn how to recreate the look Williams achieves in the video. Future episodes, according to E! online, will include Williams talking to other musicians about beauty influence. It will also discuss what beauty really is, which, in the end, is what ever you want it to be.


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    • Bobby

      I absolutely love Hayley Williams!! Her make up ( and hair!!!!!!) always looks so cool so I will be checking out her blog and try to recreate some of her famous looks

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