His Best Friend is a Woman, Should you be Worried?

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It is great to be able to meet and get along with your boyfriend’s best friends; however, you may not be so inclined to be friendly if his best friend is a female. This unwelcoming reaction is common because no one likes to think that they are competing against other women for their boyfriend’s affections. So can a man and woman be just friends? How can you deal with this friendship while keeping peace in your relationship? Check out these three suggestions to let you know whether or not their friendship is strictly platonic.

1. Get all the facts before you mee

via photospin

via photospin

Before you meet the other lady in your boyfriend’s life, make sure you know the history behind their relationship. Where did they meet? How long have they known each other? Learn how their relationship became so close. When you find out as much as you can about his friend, it can help you become more comfortable around her during the first meeting.

Originally from Paterson, NJ, I recently graduated from Seton Hall University with my B.A in English. I will be starting my M.A program in Literature at Seton Hall University in spring 2015. I love Pinterest, Photoshop, and writing fictional short stories about characters who are trying to establish a sense of individuality while in relationships. Ready to momentarily stray from fiction, I am motivated to write about topics that are important to women.

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