Body-Positive Campaign Gets Shut Down by Property Manager

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Molly Hopkins, the CEO of the lingerie company LiviRae was asked to take down her wall display by her landlord. The request came as a shock to Hopkins because the display showed images of curvy and disabled models. “Body shaming is real,” She exclaimed when this incident happened. The shop’s property manager told Hopkins that the images were not in good taste, again which came to a shock. The body positive campaign called “Real Bras, Real Women, Real Stories” was shown in light of those who are not normally idealized in the modeling industry. When her landlord asked her to remove the ad, it felt like a slap in the face.

“It took a lot, and I’m sure it took a lot for every single girl up there to overcome their fears and feel confident,” Hopkins announced.

She is right. Body shaming comes off as blaming women for looking and acting a certain way when in fact, why should anybody care? All body types, ethnicities, and disabled and able-bodied women are beautiful. You would think society would have gotten over what makes a perfect woman.

Hopkins felt as though her property manager made it seem like the campaign was inappropriate, but how? Because the women on there did not fit his description of what he likes? Because of their race? Because of their curves? Because she is in a wheelchair? The list could go on. Women should not be made to feel like they are not appreciated. Nobody should. It is inappropriate for the landlord to tell her he does not find the images suitable for the storefront.

To show support for Hopkins, officials for LiviRae have made a hashtag “#NoShameLiviRae”, and they have asked other women to send videos of them speaking out the hashtag to show that they are for body positivity.

We do not live in a perfect world, but we can aim to glorify women everywhere who have shortened themselves for others’. What happens to women is not going to be the same for men and there needs to be a stop to it. The campaign was clapping back at people who tell women how to behave, dress, and feel. It is a reminder to women that they should love themselves the way they are, as cheesy as that sounds. Women should not have to live in the shadows anymore, they should let themselves feel free.

On the ad, there are photos of these girls with quotes next to them. One of the quotes says, “Strive for social acceptance for your brains over your beauty,”. There is a stigma that being smart does not make you beautiful. It is shown everywhere from movies to books. Smart is beautiful. Success is beautiful. All women are beautiful.

The campaign is beautiful.

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