Campus for Fashion, Film Coming to Brooklyn

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A new complex in Brooklyn will become a center for the arts, including fashion. On Feb. 14, Mayor de Blasio made the announcement that a warehouse location in the Brooklyn waterfront’s industrial area will be renovated to make way for a campus called “Made in NY,” according to NBC New York.

The center is at Bush Terminal, in Sunset Park by the river. The mayor said $136 million is to be dedicated to the project. The city will manage the campus and will open room to lease there for film, TV, and fashion business.

Updates for the new center entail fixing up the two buildings already in place, and making updates to the street around the area, adding plaza room and making it better suited for pedestrian traffic, NBC reported. There will be a manufacturing area for garments of almost 200,000 square feet. Plans are to also add a new building for production of film and television, which will be 100,000 square feet. Fashion and film need an affordable space, according to the office of the mayor.

Developing the center opens the way for more of the arts in New York City. The de Blasio office receives frequent requests from business productions that want to set up in New York, but are unable to because of a lack of space.

Aside from creating a space to bring culture into the city, building the new centered will bring 800 jobs in construction to the waterfront. By 2020, there should be 1,500 permanent positions out of the campus, which is part of the reason de Blasio supports the initiative.

Additionally, the campus is meant to host jobs with good pay. Estimates have it that fashion jobs there should average about $57,000 a year, and that film jobs will average around $53,000.

The de Blasio office has further plans for job creation in place. By 2026 de Blasio plans to have created 100,000 jobs.

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