Celebrities Seen Sporting Longer Than Life Extensions

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As a little girl, the dream was to have the longest flowing mermaid hair that was prettier than all your friends. Young girls would see their favorite princess or Barbie’s having the most luscious long locks. So many young girls admired having this type of hair. As we age, some continue to want the long hair while some prefer to have cute little cuts. Hair length trends come and go and everyone has their own preference on what length of hair looks good on them.

As of recently, many more people are starting to fall under the category of having “long hair, don’t care”. The trend was strong in the 70’s when Cher was seen sporting longer than ever mermaid locks. Now it seems the Rapunzel look is back for 2017. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj and Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted rocking this new trend. But their hair did not just magically grow 30 inches overnight, the key to sporting this new look is to get the best high-quality extensions money can buy (and trust me they can afford it).

If you want these extensions to have more of a “natural” looking appeal to them then more is always better. There are different things these celebrities can do to get the luscious locks such as sew-ins, wigs, clip-ins, or lace front. It is whatever the person prefers, and any of the choices will leave you with the hair of your dreams. With so many different types of extensions on the market, every person can find one to fit their hair perfectly that will stay in place without causing to much harm to the hair.

To make these longer than life extensions more modern, the hair stylists who are creating these looks will add different types of color and texture. This adds framing around the face and brightens up the look so the hair does not seem one tone and flat.

Vanessa Hudgens likes to add texture to these extensions by sporting beachy waves. She was photographed out flaunting hair down past her waist that was styled with loose curls to get a beachy vibe. Creating this look is simple and gives an effortless tousled appeal. To achieve this appearance all that is needed is to take a thin curling iron and wrap it into large pieces around the barrel of the iron. Then, spray that hair like it’s nobody’s business. This ensures that the curls will stay in because everyone wants to make sure that their hair is looking its best all day long and does not fall out or poof up. No one wants to step out looking like a queen and come home looking like they were just electrocuted with hair sticking out everywhere.

Nicki Minaj also likes to add small touches to make her longer than life extensions stand out. With her latest extensions reaching all the way down to her knees, she sure made a hair statement that left many people talking. But that’s Nicki Minaj for you, she likes getting everyone talking and knows how to get noticed by standing out and being different. Even the other celebrities sporting the long hair pieces have not gone to the length extreme that Minaj has achieved.

Even though having this long hair many seem like such glitz and glamour, it is not an easy task. It takes time to place the extensions in the hair so they do not look cheap and out of place. And once these extensions are in the hair, taking good care of them is a must. Any girl with thick long hair knows the pain of getting knots in their hair all the time. It’s not easy to always keep hair silky smooth. Taking good care of the extensions can mean the difference from having an amazing hair day to looking like a complete hot mess.

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